Nowadays, obesity has become a headache for many beauties. Many people see business opportunities, and a variety of weight-loss products are emerging. A weight-loss lipstick has recently appeared in the United Kingdom. Advertisements claim that users can control their appetite and burn fat by simply applying lipstick. Such an attractiveRead More →

When people reach middle age, the body gradually gains weight because of reduced physical activity and lower basal metabolic rate. After obesity without losing weight in time, it continues to be obese in the elderly. Elderly obesity is often accompanied by hypertension, coronary heart disease , hyperlipidemia, fatty liver, osteoarthropathy,Read More →

Women s ovaries are really a combination of love and hate-the birth of a new life is inseparable from egg cells, but the ovary is also a high incidence of malignant tumors. Due to the physiological activity of the ovaries and the tolerance of most women towards the disease, ovarianRead More →

Maw is a good thing, nourishing yin and kidneys. If your maw is ready, just stew the chicken broth. Maw is first simmered in boiling water for ten seconds, then put it in a saucepan and add two slices of ginger. With a few drops of cooking wine, it isRead More →

  I believe that friends who often work with computers and desks often have a hand, not hand feeling. That may be because your hand has become a mouse hand. What can you do? Let s read the following article!   People who often use the mouse need prevention and treatment. ItRead More →