Moxibustion first or cupping first. Generally speaking, cupping is first performed after moxibustion. Cupping is to stimulate the meridian points or the affected area to gather the cold and dampness around the affected area, open the skin pores, and then use the moxibustion to warm up to better expel theRead More →

No sickness supplements, which not only increase expenses, but also harm themselves. Such as taking cod liver oil in excess can cause poisoning, long-term use of glucose can cause obesity, increased blood cholesterol, and easily induce cardiovascular disease. Therefore, tonic must be based on your physical condition, what is missing,Read More →

The third knuckle of the left ring finger: pinching the third knuckle of the left ring finger can effectively prevent hypertension. Hypertension is the number one killer of threatening a healthy life. Although it will not immediately threaten life safety, a series of complications will directly endanger life. Therefore, theRead More →

When white-collar workers are busy with their work, they often feel that their brains are not enough. So what can white-collar workers eat to better their brains? The answer is: fish. Just as children can be smarter by eating more fish , fish can be said to be one ofRead More →

Bailu is considered to be the beginning of the Mid-autumn season. Since then, the weather has gradually cooled, and the temperature difference between morning and evening has become large. Many people with low resistance are susceptible to various diseases at this time, the most common of which are influenza andRead More →

For white-collar workers, they often work at their desks in the office, and their bodies are unknowingly showing many minor problems, such as eye fatigue and getting angry. Today, I will teach you eight tea drinks to solve some small problems in the body. Luo Han Guo Wu Hua TeaRead More →