Just after exercise is the Don t Eat period, the most taboo eating. Because half an hour after the exercise is the best time for the body to absorb, if you eat at this time, you will eat what is fat, what you just consumed will be replaced immediately. ConcentrationRead More →

Men are relatively prone to problems due to high work and life pressures, and their lives are relatively short. So if a man wants to live longer, he has to do eight things: A Spanish study showed that a long time alone with an unattainable woman increased the concentration ofRead More →

Although Liqiu has passed for more than ten days, the heat in Fuzhou has hardly diminished. Dry and sweltering weather makes many people feel uncomfortable. A female colleague was screaming every day. I couldnt sleep at night. The chicken did n t cry in the morning and the person wokeRead More →

Student class, office worker, need to stare at blackboard or computer intently, so they are particularly prone to eye fatigue. So how to quickly relieve eye fatigue can be done by heating the eyes. After class or return home from work, pay special attention to the relaxation of the eyes.Read More →

What are the causes of obesity? Obesity has become a big concern for the whole people. Obesity affects not only everyone s body, but also hurts everyone s health. Therefore, we must pay attention to obesity and actively lose weight. What should we do to lose weight? Understanding the causeRead More →