From the thin to the fat, it seems “inadvertently”, but from the fat to the thin, it needs to go through “mountains and rivers”. The number of fat people in the world has surpassed that of thin people, the medical journal announced recently. Obesity has become the “majority”, which seemsRead More →

It’s another flu season. Headache must explode, tears “flow”, I wish to find a “prescription” to drive away these tormenting symptoms. As we all know, the “partial prescription” may be around us. The doctor of Internet medicine network of the United States has recommended several kinds of food prescriptions toRead More →

Whether you are a new bride or an old husband or wife, you have your favorite sleeping posture. In every different period of marriage, the sleeping posture changes, or becomes more intimate, or requires more space. To some extent, different sleeping positions can also show how you feel and revealRead More →