20 foods are natural anticancer drugs

Now that all kinds of cancers are raging, it may eat people s lives at any time. How can we fight cancer? Scientists say several foods are natural anticancer drugs.

Sweet potato, sweet potato, sweet potato, and sweet potato are considered to be excellent foods to eliminate disease and prolong life and lose weight. In fact, sweet potatoes also have powerful anti-cancer functions. Recently, scientists discovered a substance called dehydroepiandrosterone in sweet potatoes, which can prevent the occurrence of bowel cancer and breast cancer.

Pumpkin can prevent obesity, diabetes, hyperlipidemia and hypercholesterolemia, and has a good effect on cancer prevention. The content of pumpkin vitamin A is high, which is unthinkable by ordinary people. In addition, it is rich in vitamin C, calcium and cellulose, and also contains unknown ingredients that inhibit the carcinogen tryptophan-P.

Wheat bran is the warehouse of wheat s main nutrients. Almost all minerals and cellulose such as B vitamins, selenium, and magnesium are concentrated on it. It can prevent and treat colorectal cancer, diabetes and hypercholesterolemia, hyperlipidemia, constipation, hemorrhoids and so on. Therefore, many experts believe that wheat bran is the best anti-cancer dietary fiber.

Many studies have confirmed that garlic has anti-cancer and anti-cancer ability. The fat-soluble volatile oil in garlic can activate macrophages and improve the body s anti-cancer ability. It also contains a sulfur-containing compound and can also kill tumor cells.

Almond can improve the body s immune function and inhibit cell canceration. It can alleviate symptoms such as dry mouth, but it is not suitable for patients with inflammation, ulcers and nosebleeds in the mouth.

Quercetin contained in scallion onion is one of the most powerful natural anticancer substances known at present. It inhibits the activity of a variety of cancerous substances and prevents the growth of cancer cells.

Carotene in carrots can produce vitamin A in the body after eating. It has the effect of stabilizing epithelial cells and preventing excessive cell proliferation and causing canceration. Because carotene is a fat-soluble substance, it is not easy to be absorbed when eaten raw, so it should be eaten after cooking with oil.

Tomatoes are rich in vitamin C, which can enhance the body s resistance to disease, stimulate the body to produce interferon that can fight cancer, and prevent the body from absorbing nitrosamine, a carcinogen.

Is rich in cellulose, which can promote gastrointestinal motility, reduce the residence time of carcinogens in the digestive tract, and reduce the damage of carcinogens to the body.

Loquat includes shiitake mushrooms, winter mushrooms, oyster mushrooms, Hericium erinaceus, etc., mainly containing polysaccharides. Scientific experiments prove that polysaccharides can regulate the immune function of the human anti-cancer system, thereby inhibiting the growth of cancer cells and reducing the symptoms of cancer patients.

Radish has heat-clearing, diuretic, anti-inflammatory, phlegm, cough and other effects. Radish contains the anticancer indole, which can reduce the growth of animal tumors. Adding radish when eating meat can not only prevent and cure diseases, but also prevent and cure cancer. In recent years, it has been found that zinc has a strong anti-cancer activity, and zinc is higher in radish.

Loquat lentils have the effects of nourishing the spleen, dehumidifying, and reducing heat and detoxifying. This product is only used for gastrointestinal tumors with weak spleen and wet internal resistance. Lentils can stimulate lymphocytes in the body to transform into tumor-killing cells. Can stimulate the immune system to improve digestion and absorption.

More and more evidence are showing that eggplant has the ability to reduce cancer. A non-toxic substance extracted from eggplant has been tested for good results in the treatment of gastric cancer and cervical cancer. In addition, eggplant contains a variety of alkaloids such as solanine, cucurbitine, stachyline, choline, perillin, and solanin, among which solanine and cucurbitin have been proven to have anti-cancer properties.

The anti-cancer effect of bitter gourd comes from a quinine-like protein, which is an active protein that can activate immune cells. The immune cells act as setters to kill cancer cells or other abnormal cells. Momordica charantia seeds contain a protease inhibitor that inhibits tumor cells from secreting proteases, thereby inhibiting the invasion and metastasis of cancer cells.

The kelp traditional Chinese medicine is called Kunbu, which can prevent breast cancer and thyroid tumors. Kelp is rich in iodine and can prevent large neck disease. It has been known to women and children in China. In fact, kelp has many other abilities. The sodium alginate contained in it has a strong binding ability with carcinogenic strontium and cadmium. They are excreted from the body; kelp can kill or inhibit the bacteria that can produce carcinogens in the intestine, and the fiber contained can also promote the excretion of bile acids and cholesterol; kelp extract can directly inhibit various cancer cells.

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