24-hour cycle weight loss for office workers

Slimming down requires methods, time, and efficiency. How can a busy white-collar worker lose weight more effectively? After reading it, I know that the original 24 hours can be used to lose weight.

Sleep Go to bed early and get up early to help your body burn fat: Always remember that “lying in bed is equivalent to retaining fat”, so be obedient to be a beauty who gets up early and goes to bed early.

Enjoy breakfast: Nutrition experts suggest that breakfast is a source of vitality for a day. Eat a good breakfast so that you have the energy to make a good plan to lose weight.

A low-fat nutritious breakfast: A low-fat nutritious breakfast is actually very easy to make, as long as you master the principle of two staple foods, two eggs, and vegetables and fruits as much as possible.

Small sports help: After going out, it is best not to take a ride immediately. You can go for 3 more stops and then go by car or subway to get a good opportunity for each sport.

Say Say goodbye to the elevator: Don t take the elevator to the office. Walking a few more floors can also enhance cardiopulmonary function, exercise leg muscles and modify leg shape.

Acupoint massage: Although the space in the office is not large, if you can make good use of some small props and occasionally press each slimming point, it can also help you lose weight.

Let exercise become a kind of leisure: night is also a good time for exercise, which can make up for the lack of exercise during the day, such as taking a 40-minute walk after dinner, going out to pets, or watching TV while doing a treadmill.

Bubble bath: It has been said that bathing is good for weight loss. It can not only relax the nervous body and nerves for a day, but also promote blood circulation and help lose weight.

Go to bed on time: In addition to letting you go to bed early, you can be energetic the next day, and more importantly, you can miss the supper time to avoid eating too much food at night and being unable to digest it.

After you re full, leave: Before you go out shopping, it s best to fill your stomach and leave. Otherwise, when you are hungry, you will go straight to the food court.

Walking and shopping is better: When going to supermarkets and shopping malls, it is best to choose to walk instead of hitchhiking. And dont forget to lift your head, chest, abdomen, hips, stride, swing your arms to consume fat while walking.

Beautiful clothes increase determination: Seeing the bodies of models wearing popular clothes can greatly stimulate your determination to lose weight, and secretly telling myself that I must be thin enough to wear the new lee jeans.

Creative housework: When you do housework, you can use some creativity to incorporate the movements you see in the gym or from magazines into your housework. For example, you can shake your legs while wiping the table, and you can wash your wrists Lift your toes to exercise your leg muscles.

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