24-hour towel weight loss exercise

In addition to washing your face and table, towels can also be used for weight loss exercises! Whether you are at work or at home, lift up your towel and stick to the following set of towels to lose weight, burn fat, and enjoy thinness anytime, anywhere!

上 It is easy to lose focus when you go to work in the morning. At this time, you can stretch your upper limbs and bones by pulling a towel to promote blood circulation in the mind and chest, which helps to refresh your mind. In addition, exercise can activate the central nervous system of the brain, effectively reducing the definition of satiety, so that you are not greedy for lunch.

We usually walk to a degree of asthma and sweat for up to 30 minutes, which can consume about 140 calories, but walking can only move to the legs, which is not effective for thin belly. If it can be matched with a towel exercise that twists the waist left and right, when using lunch break or going out, you can pull while walking, which can not only target the abdominal muscles, but also increase calorie consumption.

As mentioned earlier, the best fat burning time is from 3 to 6 pm, but most people have to go to class at this time. May wish to use chair towel exercises to strengthen lower limb circulation metabolism to avoid sedentary edema and obesity.

Towel exercises are simple and easy to do, so many people use the fragmented time of watching TV to do towel exercises, especially women love to watch serials, making towels while watching and an hour passed quickly, of course, they also lost weight without knowing it.! I usually watch more action-oriented movies or listen to brisk music to do exercises, but I find that the action speeds up, sweats more, and the effect is better!

Do Do towel exercises while taking a bath. One is to exercise in a higher temperature space to strengthen metabolism and effectively soften fat; the other is to wash the skin through water vapor to achieve skin effect.

Moderate towel exercises before bedtime can help you sleep, especially if you stretch your abdomen and ribs before bedtime, it can promote the deep metabolism of the viscera and viscera, and regulate the five internal organs.

Exercise does not necessarily need to go to a specific place and time. Even the office where you spend eight hours a day and your home after work are very good places for activities. This time, I want to teach you the towel exercises., Use your time to do your best and fight for our weight loss career!

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