38-year-old woman looks like 50-year-old aunt after cosmetic surgery

The black beauty salon hidden in the residential building did not have any license, but the lady who came to seek beauty “moved the face”. Ms. Wang, 38, said that after washing her eyeliner and having her eyebrows cut, she felt aged and a friend said she looked like she was 10 years old.

Speaking of cosmetic surgery, Ms. Wang was very sorry. At noon yesterday, a reporter from the China Business Daily saw Ms. Wang. The blue pigment spread and spread on the lower eyelid, leaving incision marks on the eyebrows.

Ms. Wang said that she persuaded her friends to go to the hospital s eyeliner a few years ago, but as she grew older, her eyeliner was too thick. Under the introduction of her friend, she went to wash in a unit near Xishaomen this April Eyeliner, I was rescued after seeing the eyes in the hospital 4 days later. She took out a medical record at 9:34 pm on April 27 at Xi an Fourth Hospital, which said: The medical history was that the eyelid skin was swollen, painful, and purulent secretions appeared after washing eyeliner 4 days ago in a beauty salon. His face was swollen and he couldn t open his eyes. When he came to the ophthalmology clinic 10 minutes ago, he felt sudden extremities, twitching his hands, discomfort in the anterior heart area, palpitation, shortness of breath, nausea, vomiting, and he was sent to the emergency department.

After the incident, Ms. Wang went to the beauty salon and told her experience of being rescued. People in the beauty salon said that the eyeliner was washed three times to be clean. In September, she washed her eyeliner for the second time. During the third eyewash in October, people in the beauty salon persuaded her to have an eyebrow cutting operation. However, more than a month after the operation, she noticed that the skin on the eyes became loose and the skin on her forehead became tight when her eyes were raised. Many friends said that she Looks like 50 years old. She regretted it and dared not even attend the class.

It is understood that eyebrow cutting is mainly a plastic surgery project for the failure of eyebrows, scars left after washing the eyebrows, and poor shape of the eyebrows. Eyebrow cutting can remove excess bad eyebrows and lift up sagging eye skin.

Yesterday at 2 pm, under the leadership of Ms. Wang, the reporter came to a unit on the 8th floor of a unit building near Xishaomen. It looked like an ordinary unit without any advertisements. When I entered the unit, I saw several women eating. A lady paid 15,000 yuan through a POS machine, saying that she had just injected her face with an injection. A woman in a black dress also introduced her to facial massage in recent times.

Ms. Wang Wang mentioned her experience. A female staff member said that Ms. Wang was rescued not because of the operation, but because she had a dog at home and became infected after the operation. Ms. Wang said that there was a problem with the eyebrow cutting operation. After the operation, there were law lines and head lines, and bags under the eyes. They looked old. Staff said that the eyebrow cutting operation could not cause these consequences, and it was related to Ms. Wang s age. Ms. Wang said she was less than 40 years old, and the staff said that some people were naturally older.

When I saw Ms. Wang bringing strangers in, the woman in the unit was very vigilant. An instrument was placed in a bedroom next to the living room. A woman in a turquoise sweater was packing up the instruments after the operation. Closed the door .

Does this beauty salon capable of cosmetic surgery have relevant qualifications? A reporter from China Business Daily contacted the Lianhu District Health Bureau of Xi an. Then, relevant law enforcement officers of the Lianhu District Health Supervision Institute rushed to the scene. Upon enquiry by law enforcement officials, the woman in the black dress admitted to being the person in charge and claimed to be Li. In the unit, law enforcement officers seized a total of 27 surgical blades, 1 box of sterile surgical blades, 25 disposable single-use sterile syringes, and 5 facial surgical packs.

Facing enquiries from law enforcement officials, the woman in the black dress said that they did not have any licenses and were looking for someone to work with. She also did not have a doctor s license and had not taken the exam several times. Law enforcement officers questioned: Did you dare move your face without any licenses or professional training? She said: I have been in 3 hospitals before, but this certificate is really difficult to test. What she did at the hospital was always vague .

The former head of the Medical and Political Department of the Health Supervision Institute said that many black beauty salons are now hidden in residential buildings, and they are difficult to find and investigate. Judging from the items seized on the spot by this black beauty institution, it is suspected of practicing medicine illegally, and the amount of surgical supplies is relatively large. If it is only introduced by acquaintances, the business volume should not be so large, and it is likely to have private transactions with hospital doctors He has been ordered to suspend business and an investigation into the beauty salon has been conducted.

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