70kg-60kg real experience of buried weight loss

Weight loss, which makes people hear words that they don t want to listen to anymore, and makes people have to turn their attention to the words. There are different opinions on weight loss methods. What other weight loss methods do you not know?

Inquired in detail about my obesity history, constipation, menstrual disorders, etc. The doctor measured the size of each part of my body. Based on my thick skin and thick skin, I decided to place needles on 6 places on my body. The doctor used a special silver-white needle with a length of about ten centimeters to bury six lamb s gut lines into my upper abdomen, lower abdomen, and the left and right sides of the lower leg respectively under the cover of anesthetic. The speed is very fast, just like the usual cold injections. I ended it before I had time, and the whole process took about ten minutes.

I walked out of the clinic and started to feel a bit painful when walking on the road where the thread was buried, but it was in a tolerable range. At lunch time, it was completely gone and I was just looking forward to flying to the restaurant. The bowl of rice that I loved to eat on weekdays was full and less than half full. Good spirits in the afternoon. I felt a little hungry around 6pm, but I drank only a bowl of porridge and ate a little stir-fried cabbage to get full. I was really worried that I would wake up in the middle of the night and forced myself to eat more tomatoes. After the first day, I couldnt take a bath. After a brief wash, I went to bed. Sleep all night.

Exercise Every day as instructed by the doctor, eat a reasonable diet, half a month later, I went to the consultation, and lost 5 pounds! The arm circumference, bust circumference, upper and lower abdominal circumference, and big and small leg circumferences have been reduced by 1 to 2 cm! Menstruation that hasn t come for two months is finally here! Go to the toilet on time every morning and feel light-hearted!

For the fourth time, my weight has dropped to 120 pounds. The second menstrual period came on time. 20 pounds of fat finally left me! The stomach seemed to shrink, the body was lighter, and people loved to move. Fluttering with joy and happiness is like a new life!

A: Buried to lose weight for half a month (two weeks) once, 4 times for a course of treatment. It usually works once. A course of treatment can generally reduce body weight by 8 to 20 kg, and waist circumference can be reduced by 6 to 15 cm.

A: The thread is made from sheep s small intestine, which is a foreign protein. It is buried in acupoints after being soaked with special Chinese medicine, and is kept in the body for 4 months. It is continuously stimulated for 24 hours and gradually absorbed by the body.

A: Instead of surgery, just like injection, a small segment of sheep gut is injected into the acupuncture point with a special needle. There is only a small needle eye on the surface of the skin, which will soon heal.

A: After the thread embedding treatment, the lipolysis function is mobilized, and the endocrine function is also adjusted to balance the source of obesity. Generally speaking, as long as you do not return to a state of gluttony, you will not rebound.

Hint card: Exercise + diet formula: jog in place for 5 minutes plus 20 parallel squats as a group, two groups a day, one each morning and evening. Reasonable diet: Mainly vegetables and fruits, eat less noodles; drink plenty of water. (This article is purely personal experience.)

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