80% don’t know how to cook millet porridge

Although people like to eat millet porridge, they still have questions about how much water and how much rice to cook for millet porridge. Cooking millet porridge is generally carried out according to the ratio of 1:15 in rice water. One hundred grams of millet can boil four large bowls of sticky Thick millet porridge. The practice of millet porridge is also various, such as porridge, rice cooking, cooking or matching with various coarse grains to make different flavor porridges. Millet porridge has high nutritional value, rich in vitamins and various trace elements..

1. Soaking: Soak the rice with cold water for half an hour before making porridge, so that the rice grains swell. The advantages of doing this are: ① boil the porridge to save time; ② it will turn in the same direction when it is stirred; ③ the porridge is crispy and tastes good.

2. Boil underwater pot: Everyone s consensus is that cold water porridge, but real connoisseurs use boiled water to cook porridge. Why? You must have experience in cold water porridge, right? There is this phenomenon, and it is more time- saving than cold water porridge.

3. Heat: first boil with high heat, then turn to low heat and simmer for about 30 minutes. Don t underestimate the change in the size of the fire, the aroma of porridge comes out of it!

4. Stirring: It turned out that when we were cooking the porridge, we were afraid of the bottom of the porridge. Now we dont have to worry about the bottom of the cold water to cook the bottom of the porridge. Why stir?, Grains crispy. The stirring technique is: stir a few times when opening the underwater pot, cover the lid until the flames are boiled for 20 minutes, and start stirring continuously for about 10 minutes, until the pan is thick and thick.

Point 5. Oil: Do you need to add oil to your porridge? Yes, you can add a little cooking oil at about 10 minutes after the porridge is modified. You will find that the finished porridge is not only bright in color, but also fresh in the mouth.

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