Can gray hair see the disease? Take you to the secret of the growth

White hair is concentrated in the back of the head. The hair texture of this group of people is soft and the hair is not ectopic and the hair surface is dry. The back of the head mainly corresponds to the bladder meridian. When the bladder meridian is weak, general weakness, waist and knee weakness, night sweats, body edema, and clear urine may occur. The urinary function of the bladder is closely related to the kidney. It is recommended to choose black sesame brown sugar water. You need to clean 60 grams of black sesame and put it in the pot, fry it over low heat, then grind it into fines, add an appropriate amount of brown sugar, and use warm water every morning and evening to make the serving. Menstruation, liver and kidney, can alleviate white hair caused by kidney deficiency.

White hair is concentrated above the forebrain or near the top of the head, and the hair is easy to fall off and appear silvery white. The falling white hair is thick and stiff, and the ends of the hair will be seen. It is often accompanied by sore throat, dry cough, fever in the hands and feet, constipation, and rhinoplasty. You can cut two Sydney pears into slices and put them in a pot with 15 grams of black beans. After boiling over high heat, cook the pears on a low heat until they are cooked. Take them once a day. Black beans have the effect of nourishing the kidneys and black hair, and Sydney can nourish the lung yin. The combination of the two can alleviate the early whitening of hair caused by lung heat.

The white hair is concentrated on the two ears or the ears on both sides. The color of the whole white hair is different. The hair ends are yellow and the hair roots are white. At the same time, there is loss of appetite, general weakness and weight loss. When fry until browned, brew with boiling water for half an hour and drink.

White hair is mixed with a small amount of hair, and the roots are not firm and easy to fall off. At the same time, it is accompanied by abdominal pain, frequent urination, nausea, and anal burning. Boil it in the pot, then take it out and bake it in the pan to bake black. Finally, use this water to wash your hair and wash it once a day to make the hair thicker and moist.

Making hair dark does not happen overnight. You need to master the corresponding skills. Use both hands to rub the scalp area every morning and evening, and massage for three minutes a day, which can promote local blood circulation and help secrete melanin. You can Usually eat more carp black sesame or catfish. You can also use traditional Chinese medicine to clean your hair under the guidance of Chinese medicine.

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