Cupping health rules you must know

Moxibustion first or cupping first. Generally speaking, cupping is first performed after moxibustion. Cupping is to stimulate the meridian points or the affected area to gather the cold and dampness around the affected area, open the skin pores, and then use the moxibustion to warm up to better expel the evil air from the body; If it is a fire crowd, you can also moxibustion before cupping, cupping to extinguish the gas.

Unsuitable parts. Broken skin, skin scars, skin neoplasms or bone protrusions should not be cupped. In addition, the same part cannot be pulled out every day. What are the precautions for cupping? Do not remove the cup until the scar has subsided.

It is not advisable to take a bath immediately after cupping. After cupping, the skin is very vulnerable under an injured condition. At this time, taking a bath can easily cause skin damage and inflammation. And if you take a cold bath, because the skin is in a state with open pores, it is easy to get cold. Therefore, you must not take a bath immediately after cupping.

Prevent infection. After flushing, if the skin is flushed or itchy, do not scratch it. It can dissipate after a few hours or days. What are the precautions for cupping? If blisters, water drops, bleeding points, congestion, etc. occur , they are normal treatment responses. If the blisters are light, you only need to prevent them from being rubbed and allow them to be absorbed naturally. When the blisters are large, you can pierce the water with a disinfecting needle at the root of the blisters and apply sterile gauze to prevent infection.

Avoid repeated cupping in the same place. When you cupping, you can even fill your body, because this can fully heal and promote the treatment effect. But repeatedly pulling in one place, the stubbornness of treating the disease is certainly remarkable, but as far as the skin is concerned, if it is red, swollen or damaged, then it is worth the loss.

Unsuitable for crowds. Patients with acute severe disease, severe heart disease, heart failure, patients with thrombocytopenic purpura, hemorrhagic diseases such as leukemia and hemophilia cannot be cupped. Cupping is not suitable for everyone. If you want cupping to keep in good health , you have to learn more, and first determine if you can do TCM cupping.

Blisters appear after cupping in Chinese medicine: Foaming is mostly a reflection of local conditions, and is generally affected by the severity of the disease (generally, the larger the stasis is, the faster the foaming), the season (the foaming is easier in summer and the winter is slower, which is also a cupping treatment). One of the reasons for promoting winter treatment in winter and summer disease, skin compactness (generally delicate skin is easy to foam, such as young women, but mature men have slower foaming) and other factors.

Can print purple black and dark: What does it mean to leave different colored imprints when cupping? Purple and dark cans generally indicate insufficient blood supply and blood stasis due to poor flow.

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