Do you know the taboos of cupping? These cares must be done after cupping!

Before cupping, you must determine your own physique. If your physique is weak, you cannot cup, because there is a laxative method in cupping, which will lead to a weaker body, which will not achieve the effect of treatment.

Pregnant women and older patients with heart disease must be cautious when cupping, because pregnant women s abdomen and lumbosacral region are prohibited from cupping, otherwise it will cause miscarriage, and the skin will be under negative pressure during cupping. Tight, for the whole body is a kind of painful stimulus, the average person can tolerate it, but for the elderly and suffering from heart disease, this kind of stimulation may lead to a heart attack.

If the cupping time is too long, it may cause a burden on the skin, especially for patients with diabetes. Cupping time should not exceed ten minutes, otherwise it will cause blistering. If it is foamed accidentally after cupping, the diameter is within one millimeter, and it can disappear by itself without treatment. If the diameter exceeds one millimeter, go to the hospital for treatment.

Best The utensils used when cupping are best used by special persons. They must be cleaned immediately after each use to prevent dirt from contaminating the utensils, which affects the health of the body. It is important to note that the hygiene of the jar is very important.

Children should not try cupping, because children s skin is relatively delicate and their development is not complete. You must consult a doctor before cupping to ensure their safety.

Skin After cupping is completed, the skin is in a relatively fragile state with pores open and oily. Immediately bathing will cause invasion of chills and colds into the skin through the pores and cause a cold. Immediate bathing after cupping will also cause skin damage and infection.

During the cupping process, the pores will be in an open state. When the evil qi is dispersed, it will also take out a part of the body fluid. At this time, you can drink a cup of hot water, which can not only replenish the body s lost water, but also promote metabolism., Accelerate the excretion of metabolites.

Try not to touch the location of the blisters, usually choose loose clothes, try not to use the back to touch hard objects, otherwise the blisters will be damaged. After cupping, the diet should be light, and eat more seasonal vegetables and fruits.

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