Drink plenty of spleen and light porridge in autumn

Bailu s solar terms, as the saying goes, Bailu is not exposed. This means that the summer heat is exhausted, and it should not be naked again. The temperature difference between day and night of Bailu solar terms is increasing. What health care should you pay attention to? In addition to consuming cold food such as winter gourd, loofah, bitter gourd, pakchoi, mung bean sprouts, etc., you also need to eat barley, red beans, and often eat light porridge Tea, vegetable soup, soy milk, fruit juice, etc. After the consumption of hot summer and autumn heat, the human body s digestive function gradually decreases, and the intestinal resistance to disease is also weakened. If you are not careful, diarrhea may occur . Eat foods that are easy to get rid of as little as possible, regardless of meat or vegetables, fruits All must be fresh. In physical exercise, we must pay attention to the threat of autumn tigers. It is not advisable to engage in excessive and excessive sports. Swimming, walkin g, tai chi, yoga, badminton, and table tennis are all better. As the saying goes, Autumn porridge is pleasant, you should drink more light and healthy spleen rice porridge during this time, such as rice porridge, white fruit yuba porridge, wheat porridge and so on.

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