Eight bad eating habits are most likely to get angry

Getting angry seems to be a folk saying that only the Chinese can understand. It is not the name of a certain disease or a professional medical term, but a very general term. In many people s eyes, symptoms such as sore tongue , weak limbs, dizziness, bleeding gums, etc. have been classified as upset. Getting angry is not only related to external factors such as climate, but also has a certain relationship with diet. When the following symptoms of getting angry appear, everyone can reflect on their diet and make timely adjustments.

Due to various factors, the body s lack of water leads to an increase in the osmotic pressure of the body s liquid crystals, and the sensor returns a signal to the center to produce a thirst, so that it will feel hot . At this time, you should add water in time.

First consider whether you are allergic. The most common in China is melon and some nuts. If so, avoid them next time. In addition, the hot food just out of the pot plus the stimulation of wine and spicy can also easily congest the mucous membrane of the pharynx, proliferate the lymphatic follicles, and produce foreign body sensation when swallowed. Food should be warm to the mouth, avoid being too hot, and drink plenty of water.

The most common reason is that seafood is not fresh. If you eat fresh and hygienic seafood, this kind of symptoms will also occur. It should be allergic to seafood protein and should be avoided.

This kind of grilled food is often too dry and salty. On the one hand, it is too rough to scratch the oral mucosa. When eating such foods, you should try to choose the original flavor, it is best not to use mouthfuls directly, and control the amount of each time.

If there are small blisters on the corners of the mouth and on the periphery, it is most likely a cold sore caused by a virus infection. When you eat fast food often, it is also the time when the work pressure is high and the immunity is decreased. At this time, you should pay attention to rest, apply ice, clean the blisters, and even use some antiviral drugs. If there is a white ulcer in the mouth, it may be a lack of iron, zinc, and vitamin B

People who eat big fish and meat often eat less fruits and vegetables, and vitamin C deficiency can cause problems with collagen synthesis, causing bleeding in the gums and mucous membranes. In addition, some meats are more prone to plugging teeth, and high sugar residues in fruits are also prone to bacterial growth and inflammation. Over time, tartar will be produced, causing bleeding gums. In this case, in addition to eating less fish and meat, you should also rinse your mouth after meals, brush and floss daily.

The scientific name of acne is acne. At present, there is very clear evidence that a high blood sugar load diet will exacerbate acne. The mechanism may be that the androgen level is positively related to the blood sugar level, and the sebum secretion is caused by the androgen regulation. Therefore, friends with acne may wish to consider whether they have eaten too much ice cream and pastries recently. If so, they should be reduced.

Capsaicin receptors are activated by capsaicin to produce pain, and even stimulate muscle responses and increase blood flow. Although not necessarily a bad thing, more sensitive people can easily cause discomfort, such as diarrhea and anal burning. This symptom will be relieved in less than two days, but to avoid it, you need to eat less pepper.

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