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When it comes to plastic surgery, we should often hear the incredible tragedy of plastic surgery, which makes people afraid. But apart from fear, have you ever wondered why these tragedies happened? Many times, it s not all the doctor s fault . Many accidents happen, and it is hard for the seekers themselves to blame. Among them, the misunderstanding of plastic surgery is an important reason.

When talking about scars in major operations such as correction of breast sagging and abdominal wall remodeling, many beauty seekers believe that the beauty and ugliness of the scar are determined by the doctor s skills. Plastic surgeon Semira Bayati from Newport Beach in the United States believes that the appearance of scars actually depends on genetic factors. A highly skilled plastic surgeon can make identical sutures on two different beauty seekers, but it is likely that one of them healed beautifully and the other was not. People with darker skin or natural scars have a much greater risk of scarring after plastic surgery.

Many ordinary surgeons now claim to be plastic surgeons or can perform plastic surgery, and a few general surgeons do the surgery that professional plastic surgeons will do, but even so, plastic surgery must be done by a qualified plastic surgeon To ensure safety. Imagine that during a gynecological examination, you suddenly glimpsed that the gynecologist next door was injecting botulinum toxin. Would such a picture make you uncomfortable?

2008A 2008 study by the American Society of Facial Plastic Surgery and Reconstructive Surgery showed that more than 75% of doctors said that they knew a lot of their colleagues who walked to various beauty centers to shape the beauty seekers. In fact, this phenomenon is not uncommon in China. If the doctor is very professional and the technique is good, then you are lucky. The fear is that the doctors who walk the acupoints are not sophisticated, coupled with the rough environment of the beauty center, the lack of professional anesthesia equipment, and unqualified aseptic conditions. This is a very risky thing for beauty seekers. Therefore, plastic surgery has to go to a regular and qualified medical and cosmetic institutions.

If you usually love smoking, most professional plastic surgeons will not easily perform plastic surgery for you. Because people with long-term smoking have low blood oxygen concentration, if major operations such as breast augmentation and epidermis are performed, serious complications such as delayed wound healing, wound dehiscence, and skin necrosis are likely to occur. Therefore, if you also smoke, quit smoking and then choose the timing of surgery on the advice of your doctor.

Many beauty seekers do not know that some supplements taken daily will also affect plastic surgery and its postoperative effects, postoperative recovery, and even life-threatening. For example, over-the-counter metabolic enhancers and fat burning drugs can affect myocardial function and even cause cardiac arrest. The reason why many seekers do not tell their doctors about their medication experience is because they do not take over-the-counter supplements as medicine at all, and this misunderstanding is sometimes fatal in plastic surgery.

Miami plastic surgeon Michael Salzhauer believes that plastic surgery involves transaction security issues. For plastic surgery, the price is generally more expensive, but in a sluggish economic environment, doctors will also be forced to reduce the price to show customers, and if there is no economic problem, a certain expensive plastic surgery is in a certain The doctor was cheap, and the beggars should be wary.

Some beauty seekers think that if the plastic surgery fails, it doesn t matter, they can fix it, but if they know the risk of repair, they won t be so reassured and bold. For example, the nose is broken , the pull is too tight, and the bump is uneven after liposuction. At this time, the cost of repair is much higher than the initial cost of plastic surgery, and it is not covered by insurance. More importantly, you must experience more. Pain. Why is the price of plastic surgery repair more expensive than plastic surgery? This is because doctors need to re-operate the scar area with poor blood supply, and the challenges and risks have risen to a new level.

Many aesthetic seekers regard injection of botulinum toxin and dermal fillers as a very simple and common thing, but in the eyes of plastic surgeons, these operations are quite demanding on technology and experience. Asking a gynecologist to inject botulinum toxin is really not a smart choice , because they may not know the facial structure. What s more, injections are sought after a few days of study. The technique of injection and plastic surgery is not a short-term practice, and examples of blindness caused by injection and plastic surgery are not uncommon.

Through the 8 plastic surgery mistakes shared above, how many have you made for beauty? Safety shaping is really important for institutions, doctors, and materials, but it is more important to improve your awareness of safety and self-protection. Don t let these wrong ideas or practices ruin your journey to beauty

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