Eighty-year-old man does a hundred push-ups

Recently, it was reported that 81-year-old Li Guochuan from Fuzhou could do more than a hundred push-ups in 5 minutes. Sports such as skipping rope, shuttlecock, badminton, and basketball are all grandma Li, and they are all self -taught. In addition, Grandma Li also created a sport, which she called Tumbler Rolling.

While we worship Li and Milk, many middle-aged and elderly people are also eager to try. Old Chinese medicine reminds you that osteoporosis is common in the elderly and fractures occur a little carelessly, so don t follow it blindly.

A zygomatic fracture is a disease in which the integrity and continuity of the bone is interrupted, and the bone is partially or completely broken due to trauma or internal injury. Fractures are basically caused by accidental injuries, and accidents often occur in the fast-developing modern life. It is not terrible to cause a fracture. First of all, you must correct your attitude. You must go to a regular hospital for examination. The orthopedic bone is reset. The current hospital medical equipment and surgery are still very advanced. Generally, the orthopedic bone is reset.

Fracture of the iliac crest has a high incidence in middle-aged and elderly people, especially the elderly. Many middle-aged and elderly people accidentally fell and fell, and a femoral neck fracture occurred, and the ribs were broken with a cough. Why is it easy for middle-aged and elderly people to fracture? It is caused by the following reasons:

(1) The bones become brittle. With age, the body s ability to absorb and utilize proteins and calcium decreases. After 30 years of age, the rate of bone cell decomposition gradually exceeds the rate of bone cell synthesis, leaving the interior of the bones empty and the bones no longer as hard as when they were young Instead, it becomes brittle and therefore prone to fractures.

(2) tendon sclerosis. After middle-aged and elderly, muscles, tendons, and other motor functions also decline, and their ability to move gradually decreases. Tendones harden, elasticity and toughness deteriorate, muscle atrophy, and poor coordination between muscles. During exercise, muscles, ligaments, and other effects on bones Imbalanced forces can cause fractures.

(3) The self-protection ability of middle-aged and elderly people has decreased. With the increase of age, the physical sensitivity of middle-aged and elderly people becomes worse, the brain s responsiveness to unexpected events becomes worse, and the ability to protect and maintain body balance is significantly reduced. They cannot easily cope with sudden posture changes and are prone to accidental fractures.

The adverse effects of zygomatic fractures on the elderly are obvious. As the saying goes, It hurts my muscles for a hundred days. What are the common fractures in the elderly?

Common fractures in middle and old people include distal radius fractures, intertrochanteric fractures, femoral neck fractures, lumbar vertebral compression fractures, and senile osteoporotic fractures.

Especially when the elderly accidentally falls, they will support the ground with their hands, which will cause fracture of the distal radius. If they fall on the hips, the impact force of the lower limbs will cause hip fractures. If they bend over and fall , they may cause a fracture. Thoracolumbar vertebral fractures; In addition, the elderly have serious bone calcium loss, and are prone to osteoporotic fractures such as compression fractures of the lumbar spine.

Ordinary fractures can be treated by manual reduction plus external fixation. Severe comminuted fractures with obvious displacement, fracture of the distal radius joint surface, and unstable fractures should be treated with surgery.

The areas of hip fractures are different and are divided into femoral intertrochanteric fractures and femoral neck fractures. Non-surgical methods include bone traction or skin traction. However, with the improvement of medical standards in recent years, total hip replacement, half hip replacement, hollow nails, Surgical treatments such as PEN-A, DHS, and locking plates have been widely adopted. Surgical treatment of hip fractures in the elderly without surgical contraindication is the first choice to reduce bed time, restore limb movements as soon as possible, reduce mortality and other complications.

Because the main cause of this fracture is caused by senile osteoporosis, patients who cannot be treated with surgery must be absolutely bedridden, family members must cooperate with appropriate functional exercises, use anti-inflammatory and analgesics to alleviate the patient s pain, and osteoporosis treatment is also needed. The elderly without contraindications to surgery can choose pedicle screw internal fixation surgery, percutaneous vertebroplasty surgery and percutaneous kyphoplasty surgery.

As the saying goes, Life is endless and you don t stop exercising , but you don t exercise much when you are young. When you are suffering from osteoporosis or getting older, it is better to exercise.

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