Ejiao is also a medicine

Ejiao, also known as donkey skin glue, contains collagen, bone collagen, protein and calcium, potassium, sodium, magnesium, zinc and other elements. The protein contained in it can produce a variety of essential amino acids after hydrolysis. Ejiao is good at treating various diseases caused by blood deficiency, and nourishes the skin through blood supplementation. It can also regulate menstruation, enhance physical fitness, improve sleep, brain and mental retardation, delay aging, and help prevent and cure cancer, Multiple diseases. But Ejiao is also a medicine, and if taken incorrectly, it can also cause many side effects.

1. Evidence selection: Ejiao is especially suitable for patients with anemia, tumor patients and tumor radiotherapy and chemotherapy, frail people, irregular menstruation, chronic illnesses, middle-aged and elderly women, and mental workers. If you have a cold, cough, diarrhea, or menstrual cramps, you should stop taking Ejiao, and then continue to take it after the illness or menstruation stops.

2. Low temperature storage: Ejiao is susceptible to moisture and not resistant to high temperature. You can put gelatin in the edible packaging bag and tie it tightly, and then store it in the refrigerator.

3. Shao Zuo Qi: Traditional Chinese medicine believes that blood deficiency is often accompanied by qi deficiency symptoms, which are mainly manifested by pale complexion, shortness of breath, less gas, laziness, fatigue, fatigue and sweating. At the same time of invigorating the blood, qi and blood can be supplemented with less effort, and can be used with astragalus and codonopsis.

4, swallowing swallowing: Ejiao has a strong odor. If it is taken directly, it will not only be greasy, but also taste bad. Therefore, the blocky gelatin should be smashed into small pieces, the smaller the better, which is convenient for melting. Put gelatin blocks, rock sugar, rice wine, etc. together in a metal container, and steam over high heat for 30 to 45 minutes. After the high heat is boiled, change to low heat and steam slowly. The steamed gelatin will become sticky and thick after drying, and it is ready to eat.

5. Anti-indigestion: Ejiao is fatty and easy to cause symptoms of indigestion. The spleen and stomach are the basis of the day after tomorrow. If the spleen and stomach function is blocked, no matter how good the drug is, the human body cannot suffer. It should be noted that Ejiao should not be eaten daily or for a long time, because it will damage the spleen and stomach, cause digestive disorders, and then affect appetite. When taking E-Jiao, especially those with insufficient spleen and stomach function, it is best to add medicine to regulate the spleen and stomach, so as to promote the digestion and absorption of E-Jiao. In addition, you need to avoid taboos when taking Ejiao, such as cold food, radish, strong tea and so on.

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