Ejiao’s shelf life

Ejiao is a blood sacred product. Many people will not finish eating Ejiao in the winter. As the price of Ejiao keeps rising, they will buy more at home, so many people have doubts. How long is the shelf life of Ejiao? Can Ejiao be eaten?

Ejiao is not only edible, but also has good efficacy. Although it has a shelf life, the older the Ejiao thing, the better. Strictly speaking, Ejiao has no shelf life. As long as there is no mildew on the surface, odor can be eaten. The reason why the shelf life is set is because the state later stipulated that all medicines must have a shelf life limit, so there is a shelf life of 5 years. Store in a cool, dry place. As long as it is not weathered, the longer the gelatin is, the better the dryness will be, and it will not get angry after eating.

The shelf life of Ejiao is generally 5 years, but it can generally be stored longer if stored normally in a cool and dry place. As long as it is not deformed when viewed from the outside, it smells a slight fishy smell and the surface is smooth and translucent, which is generally no problem.

It is generally believed that the newly-made gelatin has fire and gas. After years of storage, it disintegrates with fire and its efficacy is better. Therefore, as long as it is properly maintained, the boxed gelatin has no expiration date, it has been stored for many years, the surface is bright, dry and intact, and there is no adhesion. Such gelatin is effective and nourishing. The appearance of Chen Ejiao is dark and matte, while the appearance of new Ejiao is bright. Around 2007, Tu Xuyong, the fifth generation of the Ejiao descendant of Tujia Huaidetang, a traditional Ejiao production workshop, discovered that the Tujia family has treasured Ejiao Ejiao for nearly 100 years. It has been evaluated that this gelatin has been used for hundreds of years without losing its efficacy, which is amazing.

According to the Chinese Dictionary of Traditional Chinese Medicine: After true gelatin has been simmered, it has a clear fragrance, sesame oil, yellow and white juice, thick but not sticky, and sweet and slightly salty., The quality is still strong; more than fifty or sixty years, the color turned yellow and the texture is crunchy, better. The lungs are admired, and there are special merits. Now Chen Ejiao is hard to find, so you can buy high-quality new Ejiao and put it in your home. Use it when it becomes Chen Ejiao a few years later. In the main consumption area of ​​Ejiao south of the Yangtze River, folks have the habit of old Ejiao. As long as it is properly stored, Chen Ejiao will not deteriorate and will not be moth-eaten. If, as with Western medicine, Chen Yejiao is considered to be an expired medicine, it is a misunderstanding of Chinese medicine. In fact, the gelatin block has reached the upper limit of the drug shelf life stipulated by the State Drug Administration : 5 years! It is unrealistic for the country to modify the relevant regulations for gelatin.

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