Essential health treasures for office workers

For office workers, the proportion of time spent in the office during the day is very high. Once they encounter overtime, they spend more time in the office. Many office workers take the office as their home, and they spend a lot of time on furnishing their desks. Nowadays, the sudden death of white-collar workers in the office has also made white-collar workers pay more attention to the health of the office. In addition to working out more time for office workers, what other magic weapons must be prepared to provide a layer of protection for their own health?

Now many white-collar workers desks are“ occupied ”by some cute potted plants, becoming the new favorite of office workers. Everyone will plant different kinds of potted plants, such as green dill, aloe, etc. according to their hobby. In particular, the prickly pear, which has the function of absorbing computer radiation, has become the most popular must-have variety.

These flowers and plants can play a certain role in health care, such as releasing a large amount of oxygen, increasing air humidity, alleviating dryness, and at the same time soothing eye fatigue caused by watching a computer for too long. When you are tired , you can feel more relaxed when you see these vibrant green plants. No wonder green plants have become the magic weapon of choice for office workers.

Put a small clock on the table, or install a time reminder software on the computer screen. Remind yourself about an hour or two to get out of work and get up for a while. For example, you can go to the toilet, put on a glass of water, or move your limbs in place. Appropriate work and rest can alleviate the tension and stress in the work process, so that work can be completed more efficiently.

Office people work for a long time in front of the computer, which consumes a lot of brain power. Many times you feel hungry before meals, so you should prepare some snacks appropriately. However, it is not for you to prepare snacks such as french fries which are easy to get angry and have no nutrition. So, what are the healthy snacks?

For example, dark chocolate is low in fat, low in salt and rich in multiple nutrients; coarse grains such as oatmeal contains more dietary fiber and have a detoxifying effect in addition to filling the stomach, which is most suitable for overtime.

The three magic weapons summarized above are the most common and simple, but they also have a role that cannot be ignored. But it s not that everything is fine with these three things, white-collar workers should still squeeze out a little time to exercise and take a two-pronged approach to escort their health.

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