Focus on protecting knee joint in spring

The temperature of spring, the day before, was still warm and blooming, and in an instant, the cold current might surge, “blooming and falling by the wind”, so that you can aftertaste the winter’s killing.

The research shows that for the majority of the elderly or the weak and sick people who need “spring cover”, 15 ℃ can be regarded as the critical temperature of “cover” and “do not cover”. That is to say, when the temperature lasts above 15 ℃ and is relatively stable, it can be left out.

In addition, clothes will always decrease as the temperature rises. But reduces too fast, may appear “always the single clothing bears the freeze, suddenly takes off the cotton clothing to freeze becomes the disease”. Medical experts found that the temperature needs to be covered with clothes to keep out the cold. Even if the temperature rises after that, it will take another 7 days or so for the weak to adapt. If it’s reduced too fast, it may freeze out.

There are many common diseases in spring, especially chronic bronchitis, asthma, rheumatoid arthritis and allergic diseases. In addition, cold in spring tends to reduce the body’s resistance, thus inducing or aggravating the primary disease.

This kind of people should strengthen physical exercise and strengthen resistance in daily life while adding clothes. Also can use Chinese medicine Astragalus membranaceus, dangshen, jujube amount, boil into tea to drink, in order to replenish qi and protect stomach, improve body immunity.

People with respiratory diseases can drink some brown sugar and old ginger tea, that is, take 10 grams of ginger and 10 dates, add water and boil them into tea, and drink less brown sugar every day.

People with joint pain, ginger is an indispensable food, can eat raw, can also go to the supermarket to buy sugar ginger to eat. Such patients shall not eat cold food or excessive spicy and warm food to prevent excessive sweating, diarrhea, cold and other diseases.

“Chun Wu” doesn’t mean to close the doors and windows all day at home. It’s very necessary to open the windows and ventilate every day. Most families like to open their doors and windows in the morning for a while and then close them all day, which is not good.

At least ventilate the room after siesta and before going to bed. The air-conditioned family can’t keep the doors and windows closed 24 hours a day. It can’t completely rely on the air exchange function of the air conditioner to keep the indoor air fresh. The number of air changes per day shall not be less than 3 times, and each time shall not be less than 10 minutes.

In addition, we should choose the right time to ventilate. We’d better open the window to ventilate after the sun comes out. Otherwise, the outdoor carbon dioxide concentration is high, which is harmful to human health.

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