Four ways to massage the abdomen to help you eliminate belly fat

Abdominal massage is not only suitable for the health care of multiple diseases such as the digestive system, nervous system and urogenital system, but also as a method to eliminate abdominal fat and strengthen the body. Here we will learn four methods of abdominal massage to eliminate abdominal fat. This method of operation has the advantages of being easy to learn, comfortable, and effective.

With both palms folded, massage the abdomen with the palms of the palms, move up from the mouth of the heart, down to the pubic bone, 30 turns each, and the degree of the abdomen gradually becomes fever. If you feel a hard part when pressing, it may be the place where the stool will stay. At this time, you should rub gently, not with too much force. This method can relieve constipation and reduce belly fat.

Press on both sides of the abdomen with both hands, and push firmly with the palms toward the center to make the abdomen lordosis, then release it to make the abdominal wall rebound and return to the original state for a total of 20 times, once a day. This method has better health effects on liver, spleen, kidney and other organs.

Press one or two palms on the belly button and rub it for 30 times; or press the umbilical part gently with the thumb or forefinger, middle finger, and do a small circular pressure rotation, then press the umbilical part. These two methods have certain effects on abdominal distension, diarrhea, indigestion and other diseases.

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