Health taboo, be careful of health and become injured

No sickness supplements, which not only increase expenses, but also harm themselves. Such as taking cod liver oil in excess can cause poisoning, long-term use of glucose can cause obesity, increased blood cholesterol, and easily induce cardiovascular disease. Therefore, tonic must be based on your physical condition, what is missing, what to supplement can do more with less.

Overdose of any tonic is harmful. It is unscientific to think that to eat more tonics, treat and cure disease, and be healthy without disease. If you take too much ginseng supplements, you can cause bloating and don t think about your diet; taking vitamin C too much can cause nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.

It is not as good as food supplement for peony medicine. It is unscientific to focus on drugs and light food. As everyone knows, many foods are also therapeutic drugs. Such as eating more amaranth can treat high blood pressure; eating more radish can Jianwei digestion, smoothing the chest and widening the phlegm and cough; eating more yam can make up the spleen and stomach. Daily consumption of walnuts, peanuts, red dates, lentils, coriander, etc. are also good tonic.

Things are rare. Noble traditional foods such as bird s nest and shark fin have no peculiar therapeutic effect. However, very common foods such as sweet potato and onion have valuable therapeutic value. In addition, all dietary treatments have certain objects and indications. Therefore, medicated diet should be determined according to needs, and no distinction should be made between high and low, especially the elderly group should be based on the principle of practicality and low price.

The principle of treatment of traditional Chinese medicine is to supplement the deficiency, not tonic patients should not use tonics. Deficiency has yin deficiency, yang deficiency, qi deficiency, and blood deficiency. Taking symptomatic medication can nourish the body, otherwise it is counterproductive and hurts the body. Although the health care is not as strictly distinguished as the cure, at least the dietary objects should be divided into two categories: cold and hot. Those who are colder than others are cold and hot, their hands and feet are not warm, their mouths are light, their mouths are pale, their stools are clear, their urine is clear and their tongues are pale, and their veins are light and thin. Those who are hot, have hot hands and feet, dry mouth, bitter mouth, bad breath, dry stool, short red urine, red tongue, and pulse count. If you do not distinguish between cold and fever, you can easily come on fire.

Animal food is undoubtedly a good medicine in supplements. It not only has high nutrition, but also tastes delicious. However, meat is not easy to digest and absorb. If you eat more for a long time, it is often overwhelmed for the elderly with reduced gastrointestinal function, and certain by-products in the process of meat digestion, such as excessive lipids and sugars And other substances are often the common and frequently-occurring etiologies of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease and cancer. A light diet is not indispensable , especially vegetables should not be ignored. Modern nutrition believes that fresh fruits and vegetables contain many vitamins and trace elements and are essential nutrients for the human body.

With the improvement of people s living standards, many families are ridiculous every day, and their meals are greasy. The acidic and toxic substances produced by these foods need to be discharged in time, and the accelerated pace of life has made many people have irregular bowel movements and even constipation.. Therefore, in recent years, health experts have proposed a new health concept that focuses on negative nutrition, that is, pay attention to the discharge of human waste, reduce the retention and absorption of enteric poison , and advocate that while detoxification should also pay attention to the timely and unobstructed defecation.

Some people like to take a certain kind of supplement according to their own taste, and then develop from unwanted and eating to many years, which is not good for health. Because drugs and foods have both health and therapeutic effects, they also have certain side effects. Especially in the elderly, not only does each organ s function decline to varying degrees, it needs to be comprehensively and systematically adjusted, and in different seasons, there are different needs for health drugs and food. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust according to different situations.

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