How to reducing belly fat

What to do with a belly? Of course, it’s weight loss, but how to reduce it? On a diet? Sports? Diet is definitely not good, but exercise can be tried. In order to make men look handsome again, I provides three kinds of sports that are very suitable for reducing belly fat. Hurry up

Swimming is the best exercise to lose weight. It can exercise the muscles of the whole body and make the body symmetrical. Of course, swimming has a good effect on reducing the belly. It is similar to the simulation of weightlessness, which is very helpful to all aspects of the body.

Often see girls because they want to lose weight and keep turning hula hoop, men rarely do this. In fact, if a man wants to reduce his belly, he can also turn a hula hoop, because it consumes a lot of energy, and it is also known as the killer of waist and belly fat. The best time to lose weight is to turn hula hoop 3 hours after supper every day.

If it’s at home, it’s best to do it by two people, one helping his feet. But now many parks have equipment for sit ups. People lie on the equipment and have a place to hook their feet. They can do it by themselves without help.

There are many advantages of sit ups. The most important thing is that you can sit anywhere, anytime. This is an excellent exercise for men who are busy with their work and have no time to go to the gym every day. In addition, sit ups are also an exercise of the waist and abdomen, often sitting can not only reduce the small belly, but also exercise abdominal muscles Oh!

First of all, we should learn “belly breathing method”: when inhaled, the belly will rise; when exhaled, the belly will shrink. It’s a necessary training for people who practice yoga or voice. It helps to stimulate gastrointestinal peristalsis, promote the discharge of body waste, smooth air flow, and increase lung capacity.

This is the most commonly used method of abdominal weight loss, using kneading action plus massage cream for fat improvement is very good. Massage can increase skin temperature, consume a lot of energy, promote intestinal peristalsis, reduce intestinal absorption of nutrition, promote blood circulation, and let excess water out of the body.

Methods: Taking the navel as the center, put a question mark on the abdomen, massage along the question mark, first on the right side, then on the left side, 30-50 times each, once a day.

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