Longevity massage regimen

Wipe it 10 times in total, and then gently rub the roots of your head ten times with your fingertips. It can reconcile Baimai, make qi and blood not fade, ruddy complexion, and reduce wrinkles.

Use the protruding part of the flexion of the thumb to tap left and right sides of the Zhuzhu points (located in the eyebrow depression) alternately, each point 15 to 20 times, using force to feel the degree of discomfort. It has the effects of Eliminating forehead pain, eye swelling and restoring visual fatigue.

Use your two index fingers to click on the two eye points (0.1 inches above the inner corner of the eye) for 15 to 30 seconds, with a slight sense of discomfort, and it can relieve eye pain and eyesight.

The tips of two fingers are in contact with the scalp. From the forehead to the occipital, comb the hair from the top of the head to the temporal side, with the degree of thermal sensation in the head. It has eye-catching, analgesic and hypotensive effects.

The palms of both hands are pressed tightly on the two earholes, and the three fingers in both hands are tapped on the back pillow 10 times, then the palms are pressed against the earholes, the fingers are lightly pressed on the back pillow and do not move, and then suddenly lifted away, opened and closed for 10 times, and the last two index fingers Insert it into the ear hole and turn it 3 times, then release it suddenly. This is counted as 1 time, 3 to 5 times. It has the effects of refreshing the brain, enhancing memory, strengthening hearing and preventing ear diseases.

Pinch the left shoulder muscle with the thumb, index finger and middle finger of the right hand, and cross the right shoulder muscle with the left hand, 10 times each, with loose shoulders to relieve fatigue.

Press the middle of the nipple with the thumb and belly slightly (that is, the middle point of 膻). After 30 minutes, suddenly release it, and repeat this 5 times. It has the effect of clearing chest, smoothing air, analgesic and antiasthmatic.

Sit up and sit quietly, take a deep breath, exhale slowly, and repeat 10 times. It has the effects of vomiting and replenishing, strengthening the lungs and smoothing the air, and improving respiratory function.

Micro Spread five fingers with both hands, place them on the chest wall on both sides of the chest, and slide the fingers from the inside to the outside along the intercostal space, repeating 10 to 15 times. It has the effect of opening the chest to smooth the air, stopping scars and asthma.

Hold one hand on hips and the other with five fingers open, with the fingers down, from the fossa of the heart, down the sides of the umbilicus to the abdomen, then right to the right under the ribs and then left. That is, rubbing 10 times along the direction of the large intestine. It can dredge the large intestine, improve digestion and prevent constipation.

Take the navel as the center, with the tiger s mouth facing each other, flat on the left and right sides of the navel, rubbing both hands inward and outward, a total of 10 times. It has the functions of smoothing the air, reducing bloating, and improving digestive function.

Sitting or standing, rub the left ring acupoint on the left thumb (outside 1/3 of the line connecting the greater trochanter of the femur and the sacral canal), then rub the right ring acupuncture point with the thumb of the right hand, cross each other 10 times. It has the effects of activating the collaterals, strengthening the muscles and strengthening the feet.

Press both hands tightly on the waist and eyes, rub down to the end of the use, and do it with your left and right hands at the same time, a total of 30 times. Have strong waist and strong kidney, prevent and cure back pain.

Both arms hang down naturally and shake forward 30-50 times. It can relax shoulders, arms, wrists, and knuckles, unblock qi and blood, and enhance arm function.

Hold Empty punches with left and right hands, and beat 20 to 30 times from the shoulder to the wrist on the opposite upper limbs. It has the effects of activating the meridians, flexing joints, preventing arthritis and sore arms.

Use your right thumb and index finger to pinch your left tiger s mouth, and then use your left thumb and index finger to pinch your right tiger s mouth, 10 times each. It can improve hand function and treat head and face disorders .

Press Press the palms of both hands firmly on your knees, and rotate 10 times outwards and 10 times inwards. It has the effect of expelling wind and flexing bones, enhancing knee function and preventing arthritis.

Hold the thigh roots tightly with both hands, press down firmly on the knees, and then rub the thigh roots back and forth a total of 20 times. It can promote joint flexibility, strengthen leg muscles and prevent leg diseases.

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