Love can make people sink, it can also make people better

love! How happy to find my love! The sound of birdsong sounds much more pleasant, and I will feel brighter and happier every day! You feel like you are floating in the clouds, and you don t want anything to take you away from this wonderful height.

If you had this experience early in a relationship, then you know how great it is, and you will probably want to be in this state all day. It feels great, but it can also cause problems.

You know, when we experience this wonderful relationship with someone and feel that we are in the happiness of love, many of us will also find that we are a bit addicted. Love addiction comes from experiencing these wonderful things and hope that this feeling will last forever. So we try to stay with as many of our loved ones as possible so that we can continue to get that wonderful feeling.

We have left our hobbies and interests, no longer go out to play with our friends, and basically dont spend time doing something about ourselves, just to spend more time with that one and let him be together We are happy people together. But soon, we will find that when we were sitting at home waiting for our loved ones to call us, or when it was the tenth time to browse his photos on Facebook, he had already gone out to play by himself.

At this point, we can say with certainty that we have entered a state of dependence. We are totally dependent on our lover to bring us happiness, but we lose ourselves.

But what we didn t realize is that this point in time is actually very important. At this point, we can actually turn our love addiction into something more remarkable: we find love through the relationship we have established with each other, and by expressing this positive energy to the outside world, we can make life better.

Look, when we find love by building relationships with each other, love energizes us and brings us extra sparks of love and joy. It is at this time that we have to change our perspective. Our habit is to pay more attention to our partners and rely on them to bring us more of this happiness. And what we really should do is to change our thinking: look at these wonderful things I have experienced and the feeling of love, how can I express this love to the outside world? How can I use my inner love and joy to help others feel and experience more love?

You see those homeless people on the street? Give them a meal. See those people in the coffee shop who may need someone to cheer up? Give them a warm smile and ask them if they are doing well. Send postcards to those you love. Give the family a hug. Call or email an old friend. Give something you think you want to give!

Create something you love. Start writing, drawing, photography, cooking, planting plants, and making crafts. Do something you love that nourishes your soul!

Have you always wanted to be a volunteer but have never been? Have you always wanted to donate to a cause but you havent done so before? Have you always wanted to travel but have never been there yourself? Have you always wanted to give a lecture but never let it happen?

These things may not seem to be a necessary way to express your love to the world. But when we actually use the energy of love that we have gained by connecting with our loved ones to fulfill our inner desires, we are helping ourselves, our love , and all around us. When we say yes to our inner voice, we help everything around us.

Do it now! No matter if you are in love right now, think of at least one thing you can do today that can bring more positive energy to the world and your own life. People who love life are always more likely to meet happiness .

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