Massage method to prevent constipation, hemorrhoids

Many patients with hemorrhoids are caused by constipation. Constipation in addition to conditioning from the diet, eat more vegetables, fruits and other crude fiber, adhere to abdominal massage to regulate the gastrointestinal tract, and promote convenience. The following introduces several commonly used inconvenient massage methods. You can choose one or two according to your own situation and stick to it for a long time. -Hemorrhoids must be checked early and treated early

Abdominal rubbing method: This method has the function of improving abdominal muscle movement and intestinal peristalsis, which can enhance the meaning of stool and is beneficial to stool. Rubbing the abdomen once in the morning and evening, two methods are divided into standing and lying down . Standing method: empty the urine after getting up, drink cold water 400ml. Stand with your feet at the same width as your shoulders, relax your body, place your left palm on the back of your right hand, overlap your hands and start from the right lower abdomen, and massage 36 times clockwise along the direction of the large intestine. Note: Do not use too much force, do not do it after being too hungry or full. -Hemorrhoids Chinese website remind: Attention! Overtime family of multiple hemorrhoids.

Lying down: Lie on your back, relax your whole body, put your hands on the belly button, rub your belly 100 times in the clockwise direction, and then rub the belly 100 times in the counterclockwise direction. -Reminder of hemorrhoids Chinese website: Attention! You should get up and stay active for a long time.

Abdominal breathing method: The advantage of this method is that it can be practiced at any time regardless of posture, location, line, standing, sitting, and lying. Mainly through one volt of the abdomen, it can directly massage the internal organs, promote blood circulation in the stomach and intestines, and enhance gastrointestinal motility. Method: Inhale vigorously throughout the body, then hold your breath for 4 seconds, at this time the body will feel nervous, and then slowly exhale the air for 8 seconds. Exhaling should be long and slow without interruption. 10 minutes twice daily. If you persist for a while, you will feel abdominal fever, increased bowel sounds, deep and smooth breathing, increased appetite, and smooth stool.

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