Massaging the ears to control appetite can also reduce weight

Nowadays, there are various weight loss methods on the market, and those who lose weight find it difficult to choose a suitable weight loss method. Which method is best for you? Actually, the reason why you can lose weight is to control your appetite and massage your ears. Can help dieters to suppress appetite. Ears are the external manifestations of the human body s internal organs. Chinese medicine believes that many acupoints on the auricle of a person are directly connected to the brain s appetite control center. Stimulating those points can reduce appetite and achieve weight loss. Let s take a look below:

Slimming principle When the stomach and stomach sends an I m hungry signal to the hypothalamus that controls appetite, people will have the desire to eat, and pressing the corresponding acupoints can prevent the signal transmission.

Slimming principle Pressing the endocrine point acupoints can make the appetite control center in the hypothalamus limit the production of hormones that cause hunger and increase the hormones that make people feel full.

Principle Slimming principle Many times, people do not eat too much because they really need it, but because of stress. And pressing Shenmen can soothe the body, reduce physiological tension, and relax the autonomic nerve that stimulates appetite.

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