Moxibustion has a magical effect on weight loss

Moxibustion not only cures and prevents diseases, but also has the effect of weight loss. For example, if you have fat on the abdomen, use moxibustion to moxibustion the abdomen. In addition, moxibustion therapy also has a cosmetic effect. If you have severe postpartum stretch marks, you can apply massage oil, massage and moxibustion while insisting on push-ups, the stretch marks will fade and gradually disappear.

Some experts believe that the simple thing about moxibustion is that you want the body to be concavo-convex and graceful. Moxibustion will make you see wonderful changes. But then. The effectiveness of moxibustion therapy for weight loss and beauty is not always effective with one moxibustion. It must be sustained.

Where do you think you want to lose weight, then you do moxibustion. If you are a butterfly sleeve, then you moxibustion your arm; if you are a bucket waist, then you will tie a circle of moxibustion jars on the waist . Moxibustion pot is a kind of moxibustion tool, which is relatively safe and convenient.

In addition to choosing moxibustion tools for moxibustion, you can also choose moxibustion methods such as straight moxibustion and ginger-separated moxibustion, which have the same effect. For a long period of moxibustion, you will see the effect. Avoid fishing for three days and drying the net for two days.

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