Moxibustion has many benefits, so keep in mind

Moxibustion has the advantages of obvious effects, simple and easy operation, and economical practicality. It has almost no toxicity and side effects. As long as the treatment principles and operating procedures are carefully followed, generally no adverse reactions will occur on the human body.

Because moxibustion uses moxibustion and moxibustion, inadvertent moxibustion may cause local skin burns. On the other hand, some essence and blood are consumed during moxibustion, so some areas or some people cannot moxibustion. These are contraindications to moxibustion.. There are many taboos in ancient moxibustion. Although some taboos can be broken, some situations should be taboo.

Do not use moxibustion on thin crusts, muscles, and muscles. In the lumbosacral region, lower abdomen, nipples, genitals, and testicles of men and women during pregnancy. In addition, do not directly moxibustion the joints. In addition, do not use moxibustion at large blood vessels or the heart. Eyeballs are facial or facial.

1. Be dedicated and patient. Persevere: Pay attention to your concentration of thoughts during moxibustion. Do not distract while moxibustion, so that the moxa sticks are not moved. They are not on the acupuncture points, hurt your skin and waste time. For health care and moxibustion, it is necessary to adhere to it for a long time. Occasionally, moxibustion cannot achieve the expected results.

2. Pay attention to the accuracy of the body position and acupoints. On the one hand, the body position must be suitable for the needs of moxibustion. At the same time, the body position must be comfortable and natural.

3. Fire protection: Many people s clothing is made of chemical fiber, down and other textures, and it is easy to ignite. Therefore, pay attention to prevent fire when moxibustion, especially when using moxa moxibustion to prevent it from rolling. Fall off. After moxa stick moxibustion, the lighted end of moxa stick can be stuffed into a bottle with a diameter larger than that of moxa stick to facilitate its extinction.

4. Pay attention to keep warm and prevent heatstroke: Because part of the body surface should be exposed during moxibustion, keep warm in winter, and prevent heatstroke when hot in summer. At the same time, pay attention to the adjustment of indoor temperature and open the ventilator to get fresh air in time.

5. To prevent infection: purulent moxibustion or improper moxibustion may cause sores in the local burns. Moxibustion sores must not be broken. If the infection has been ulcerated, anti-inflammatory drugs should be used in time.

7. Pay attention to the time of moxibustion: Some diseases must pay attention to the time of moxibustion, such as insomnia, moxibustion before going to bed. Do not moxibuste on an empty stomach before meals and immediately after meals.

8. Step by step, the first use of moxibustion should pay attention to master the amount of stimulation, first a small amount, a small dose, such as using small moxa, or moxibustion time is shorter, stronger number less. Increase the dose later . Do not start in large doses at the beginning.

9. Preventing dizziness and moxibustion Although dizziness and moxibustion are rare, once dizziness and moxibustion, dizziness, dazzling, nausea, pale complexion, palpitation, sweating, etc., may even occur. After the occurrence of halo moxibustion, stop moxibustion immediately, lie down and lie still, add moxibustion to Zusanli, and gently moxibustion for about 10 minutes.

Note 10. Pay attention to the adjustment of the temperature of moxibustion: For people or children with dull skin, use the index finger and middle finger on both sides of the moxibustion site to sense the temperature of the moxibustion site, so as not to burn the skin and get good results.

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