Must-do exercise for office workers

  White-collar workers will inevitably be sedentary for a long time, but they will gradually find that their thighs are getting thicker. Erlang s leg? Or if you place your right leg on top of your left leg for a long time, the right hip joint will protrude. Perhaps you are familiar with these movements. In order to avoid thick legs, hurry to do skinny legs!

  Sit on a chair with your chest up, keeping your legs crossed and your toes on the ground. The upper leg is pushed down and the lower leg is pushed up. About 10 seconds later, the legs are swapped for 10 seconds. 2— 3 times. You don t need to hold your breath to do this.

  Many people believe that strength training can speed up the body s metabolism and achieve weight loss. However, according to the latest research from the University of Kansas in the United States, this kind of thinking may be wishful thinking. Strength training does build lean muscle and can help you burn more than 100 calories a day, while maintaining strong muscles. You must consume at least 100 extra calories per day. However, there are still many reasons for you to grab a dumbbell.

  Through training you will look slimmer than before. The muscles can be tightened so you can reduce the size of your body. Unless you bring a weight scale with you at all times, others will only notice your shape, not your weight.

  You will have more energy. Strength training can fundamentally affect muscles, stimulate chemicals in the body that affect the nervous system, and eliminate fatigue.

  You will be able to stay healthy. Strength training can improve bone density and keep you away from bone fractures; it can also reduce glucose and cholesterol in the body, thereby reducing your risk of diabetes and heart disease. Experts suggest that if you want to lose weight, you must not only reduce calorie intake, but also adhere to strength training and cardiopulmonary function training, so that you can get rid of the trouble of fat on the one hand and maintain lean muscle on the other.

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