Office worker women beware of modern occupational diseases

White-collar women living in the office for a long time, lack of exercise, face the computer screen for a long time, etc. will bring hidden dangers to health. Do you suffer from modern occupational diseases in the office?

White-collar women use the eyes too close to the eyes, and the ciliary muscles work uninterruptedly, which may cause ciliary muscle spasm, which may cause eye swelling, sore eyes, decreased memory and concentration, reflex headache, and nausea and vomiting in severe cases., Clinically called visual fatigue.

Most people like to use eye moisturizing eye drops. If you are uncomfortable, just click a little, but too many eye drops also have side effects. It ’s better to learn how to protect your eyes.

Any comfortable sitting or standing position, relax your shoulders and straighten your back. Both arms and shoulders are the same height. Stretch your right arm flat, make a fist in your right hand, and raise your thumb up. The left arm is bent from the joint and the thumb of the left hand is pointed at the bridge of the nose. Keep your neck still, look at the thumb of your right hand and then back to your left thumb. Rest after 10-20 exercises.

OLs have to deal with computers every day, some even more than 8 hours, long-term computer radiation will cause dark yellow face, puffy eyes, dark circles and other problems. In addition, printers, microwave ovens, and other appliances in the office are radiated electrical appliances. Long-term exposure will have a certain impact on physical health.

A glass of yogurt a day. Yogurt contains various probiotics, proteins, minerals and multivitamins, which can increase the moisture content of the skin epidermis and achieve long-lasting whitening. The vitamin B rich in it can effectively resist radiation damage, reduce radiation damage, and suppress the decrease in the number of lymphocytes after radiation, thereby repairing problems such as dark yellow skin caused by radiation.

Every workplace white bone essence has a workplace white bone neck? The wrong posture and working pressure make the fascia between the neck muscles gradually adhere to the surrounding tissues, causing rigidity of the muscles. The rigidity is the beginning of aging, and the cervical spine is unable to function properly because it cannot get proper support.

Do Do aerobic and fitness exercises every day, preferably 30 minutes each. Aerobic and fitness exercises can help maintain cardiopulmonary function, exercise large muscle groups, stretch and gently adjust joints, muscles, blood vessels and the internal organs.

Repeated typing and moving the mouse every day. Due to long-term intensive, repetitive, and excessive activities, the wrist or fingers are stiff, paralyzed, swollen, painful, spasm, and powerless, and they have the carpal tunnel syndrome , which is the mouse hand. Women are five times more likely to develop mouse hands than men, so computer families must be careful.

Respond: Keep away from mouse hands, do not use the computer continuously for too long, maintain a correct sitting posture, it is best to use a wrist pad to relieve fatigue. In addition, after using the mouse for 1 hour each time, do wrist exercises: flatten your arms, use your arms as the axis after turning your fists, rotate your fists inward, keep the posture of rotation for 15-20 seconds, and then continue in the opposite direction.

Buttocks and waist and abdomen are both areas where fat accumulates more easily. People who are sedentary and lack of exercise will accumulate fat much faster than those who exercise regularly and more easily form office hips. It not only affects the appearance, but also easily suffers from obesity, metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and also causes lumbar spine and joint problems.

It is difficult to lose hip fat. Strictly controlling sugar intake, drinking enough water and eating more fish can improve the elasticity of hip skin. Climbing the stairs more often and doing post-kicks can mobilize the hip muscles. Massage the hips before bathing can also promote blood circulation. The most important thing is to help the hip muscles relax and relieve the tightness to prevent sedentary hip pain.

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