Office workers busy with 7 tips for office health

Modern urban white-collar workers who sit in the office for a long time can easily lead to weight gain and physical fitness decline. And busy work makes it difficult for white-collar workers to take time to exercise. Here are 7 tips for you to keep your body healthy during work hours.

If you need to take a meeting record, please book a farther conference room in advance, and get exercise by going back and forth to the conference room with your laptop.

Calling while standing will burn twice as much heat as sitting and answering the phone. If you go further, you can burn 225 calories more by taking a knee squat.

This method naturally increases the chance of getting water near the water dispenser. If your company s office area has several floors, it is recommended that you go to the bathroom on different floors every time, and the heat consumption will definitely increase.

Office Sitting in the office, don t be idle under your feet. Without affecting the work, the stepper can burn 91 calories in just 20 minutes.

Every day after work, there will be some office waste such as paper documents. Don t just throw it in the waste basket around you. It is also a good exercise to take out a few minutes and throw the waste in the trash can at the other end of the office building.

I walked to a colleague and personally told him the information you need to tell, so as to close the relationship between colleagues and allow the body to be fully exercised, why not?

Becoming a fitness partner with a colleague who has a good relationship can increase the motivation and competitiveness of the exercise. You can make greater progress than working with friends and working out alone.

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