Office workers lose weight

White-collar workers are busy at work every day, and after work, they are also busy with entertainment. They have no time to lose weight at all, causing their bodies to gradually thicken. Seeing that their bodies are getting fatter every day, white -collar workers are a little scared. How can they use time to lose weight? White-collar workers should develop a regular schedule to plan their daily weight loss progress.

If you are used to getting up early, you can exercise in the morning. However, it should be noted that exercise when full is not good for the stomach and intestines, it is not appropriate to eat breakfast and exercise immediately; in addition, blood sugar is low when you get up in the morning, you need to add some energy before exercise. Therefore, it is better to drink a glass of honey water or a slice of bread after getting up early, and then exercise. Eat breakfast 1 ~ 1.5 hours after exercise. If time is tight, you can eat a small breakfast half an hour after the end of the exercise. At the same time, the morning meals can be made earlier and increased in number.

In addition, it should be noted that the temperature is relatively low in the morning, and it is not suitable for outdoor sports in the early morning; due to the influence of blood sugar, temperature, etc. in the morning, pay attention to warm -up to prevent sports injuries, but also pay attention to maintain a certain intensity to achieve moderate Intensive exercise (slightly wheezing, but can speak more smoothly) for more than 30 minutes to achieve a better weight loss effect.

Noon is a less recommended exercise period. Because exercise is easy to affect the normal Chinese food, and Chinese food is very important for weight loss.

If it is not good to arrange exercise at other times, you can arrange lunch and exercise at noon: the two meals in the morning and afternoon increase the amount, on the contrary, reduce the amount of lunch and focus on a light diet. During lunch and exercise, try to follow the principle of exercise at least 2 hours after a meal and add more energy after 1 hour after exercise.

Evening is the most flexible time slot. If you can eat around 6:00 in the evening, exercise around 8:30 in the evening is the best choice. Too late can easily affect sleep.

If you need to exercise at 7-8 pm, you can transfer some of the dinner to the extra meal in the afternoon (or eat dinner 2 hours before the exercise), and you can also add some fruits, vegetables and soy products after 1 hour, Gruel, etc. to avoid starvation at night. Try not to eat after exercise at night, this will not only overload the stomach, but also affect weight loss.

The above is the sports planning for white-collar workers. Don t always be busy with work, as long as you have a little free time, you can still use it to lose weight. Plan your time, work well, and succeed in losing weight!

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