Office workers, please take advantage of the weight loss time of lunch break

  Since white-collar workers usually do not have much time to exercise, if they want to get rid of body fat and fat, they still have to do something! But what I want to introduce to you is to use the noon time to lose weight and practice every day. The devil figure is Yours!

  Stand in a free standing position with your hands on the trousers on both sides of the body and look forward; then keep your wrists to your shoulders still and shake your wrists at the same frequency.

  Either stand or sit, hold your head to the neck with both hands, keep your arms still, use the strength of your back to clamp the back muscles on both sides, and repeat the action repeatedly.

  After sitting in the seat, rest your left leg on the knee of your right leg, hold your left knee with your right hand, and turn the chair back to the left to turn to the left. After turning to the maximum, keep it back for one second, and repeat the exchange direction.

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