Post-80s couples face fertility crisis

The post-80s generation has gradually become a fertility force, but the fertility of the groups dominated by them has become increasingly worrying. According to data from the World Health Organization, with the increase in the infertility rate, China has 1 infertility for every 8 age-matched couples, and it is mostly in the post-80s generation. Serious fertility crisis. Experts remind that the post-80s should be cautious about fertility issues, do their best fertility assessments as far as possible, and create a perfect baby plan.

This month, Ms. Qin, 30, was in a bad mood. The result of the blocked fallopian tube made her very frustrated, but uncomfortable. Your wish is not extravagant: have a healthy baby with someone you love. But this wish that is taken for granted by ordinary people, Ms. Qin and her husband have been waiting for 5 years.

When reporter met Ms. Qin at the Reproductive Medicine Center of Nanjing Maternal and Child Health Hospital, she was asking the doctor if she should have an IVF baby. On the bench outside the clinic, there was a row of infertile patients similar to her. Ms. Huang, a 27-year-old citizen, also encountered the same problem. Due to the small uterus and low estrogen level, she had not been pregnant successfully for 3 years. Because of this, both people are carrying heavy burdens. She went to her grandmother s house. The grandmother went cold all day and went to her parents house. The mother sighed.

In fact, the post-80s encounter such embarrassment is no longer an isolated phenomenon among young couples. Statistics show that 20 years ago, the infertility rate among the people of childbearing age in China was only 3%, which is relatively low in the world. Today, the infertility rate of couples of childbearing age has exceeded 10%, and this number is rising.

In addition, the number of couples visiting hospitals is also increasing. The Medical Reproductive Center of Nanjing Drum Tower Hospital and the City Maternal and Child Health Hospital needs to treat a large number of infertility patients every year. The expert number is hot and the number one is hard to find.

Behind these numbers are faces of anxiety and anticipation, as well as the sadness and pain that every family cannot tell. Many people dont understand. They clearly have improved their living standards and eat better. It should be easier to have children, but why do children not come to report?

Man Cai, Hong, director of the obstetrics department of Nanjing Maternal and Child Health Hospital, told reporters that the average age of patients seeking treatment was 32 years old, and most were between 30 and 35 years old. These young couples of child-bearing age are facing the problem of being unable to have children. In addition to their own disease factors, there are also some social reasons, such as delaying the marriage and childbearing age due to their academic work, Dink remorse, frequent flow of people, etc., Make more and more patients see a doctor.

The incidence of female infertility is increasing year by year. In response, Zhu Huijuan, deputy chief physician of the Department of Gynecology, Nanjing Maternal and Child Health Hospital, pointed out that the increasing number of female infertility population is an important reason for the increase in miscarriage, especially for unmarried women who have a miscarriage and Increased multiple abortion rates. Many young women view abortion too easily. Once they accidentally get pregnant, they abort at the hospital and even use abortion as a means of contraception.

In addition, modern people are more open to the concept of sex. Premarital sex is becoming more common, but many girls do not have a corresponding sense of self-protection and do not take any contraceptive measures. After pregnancy, I only know the convenience of medical abortion, but do not know the harm of medical abortion. As a result, there are more and more people with secondary infertility such as tubal blockage due to abortion.

According to the reporter s understanding, if the newlyweds are not staunch Dink proponents, after accidental pregnancy, do not take the risk of killing the child who suddenly arrives. The data shows that the incidence of secondary infertility in women has increased significantly after repeated abortions. Repeated abortion and curettage may not only cause the uterine wall to be too thin, but may also cause habitual abortion. These are factors that increase the infertility..

Zhu Zhuhuijuan said that frequent flow of people can easily cause reproductive tract infections, tubal dysfunction, and at the same time damage the uterus after flow of people, causing endocrine disorders, resulting in inability to conceive naturally. There is an overwhelming, simple and cheap painless flow of people. Many ignorant women think that the flow of people is really simple, and they do not pay attention to postoperative maintenance. These are hidden dangers of infertility in the future.

The infertility of couples of childbearing age is increasing, which is related to the age of some women. Director Cai Manhong said that in the event of fertility, women should not miss the best childbearing age. Human fertility declines with age, and infertility and miscarriages rise with age. Modern women delay childbearing, causing age-related infertility and increased miscarriage.

Dr. Xu Xiang from the Department of Sociology of Nanjing Normal University believes that with the development of society, modern people s concept of fertility has changed, and women need to bear the same work pressure as men. More and more women will push their mother s agenda. Push again. Nowadays, young people like to spend more time enjoying independent life and less consideration of personal issues, so late marriage leads to late childbirth. There are also some highly educated women who focus on their studies and careers. Even if they get married, they still do not give up further studies, resulting in a late childbearing age.

Dr. Tang Yubi, an infertility clinic at Xibaixia District Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, told reporters that among the people he consulted, there were still some people who were not allowed due to economic conditions, and only dared to have children until conditions were met. Then there is the Dink family repentance that was determined not to have children, which has also led to an increase in the number of elderly women. In addition, the divorce rate and remarriage rate have risen, and some middle-aged halfway couples also have fertility desires, but age often makes them face fertility problems.

In addition, experts said that if there are diseases that cause infertility, such as endometriosis, polycystic ovary syndrome, male factors such as oligospermia and azoospermia, irregular menstrual cycles such as anovulation or ovulation Rare, etc., do not need the above time limit , should be directly treated for infertility, so a joint examination of both men and women is very necessary.

Blocking Oviductal obstruction or fallopian tube obstruction accounted for 1/3 of female infertility factors, becoming the most important cause of female infertility; in addition, chronic salpingitis, fallopian tube hypoplasia, etc. can also cause infertility.

Director Pan Lianjun, director of the Department of Urology and Male of Nanjing Maternal and Child Health Hospital, said that the main reason for male infertility is abnormal semen, such as: oligospermia, weak sperm, azoospermia, high rate of spermatozoa, or semen liquefaction and insufficiency.

In addition, immune factors cannot be ignored, mainly when the male reproductive tract immune barrier is broken, sperm and seminal plasma produce antibodies against their own sperm in the body, that is, the sperm antibodies cause the sperm to self-agglutinate and cannot pass through the cervical mucus. Wait.

Dr. Tang Yubi said that through the clinic, the vast majority of patients have gone to informal hospitals for treatment, and many patients have listened to and used prescriptions and blindly sought medical treatment. This is a common problem for many infertility patients. In fact , infertility treatment must be patient enough, you must go to a regular hospital for treatment, under the supervision of a doctor to determine the days when sperm and eggs meet.

There are also some women who are impatient, so treat here, take a look there, and use the recipes. As a result, the money was spent, and his body was poor, and he was still unable to conceive a child. Infertile women should let go of their burdens, choose regular hospitals and experienced doctors, and cooperate optimistically with treatment.

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