Press your fingers to keep healthy? Finger massage helps you to maintain good health

The third knuckle of the left ring finger: pinching the third knuckle of the left ring finger can effectively prevent hypertension. Hypertension is the number one killer of threatening a healthy life. Although it will not immediately threaten life safety, a series of complications will directly endanger life. Therefore, the prevention and treatment of hypertension is particularly important.

Pressing the third knuckle of the third finger of the left hand can effectively prevent and treat hypertension, effectively relieve vascular pressure, and thus protect the heart. If hypertensive patients feel dizzy, their blood pressure may be increasing. At this time, pressing the third knuckle of the third finger of the left hand can relieve the dizziness. If the dizziness is severe, you can also press the palm of your hand, the palm corresponds to the heart, which can relieve the pressure on the heart.

The second joint of the left thumb: pinching the second joint of the left thumb can effectively prevent diabetes. We all know that the cause of diabetes, in addition to heredity, is that you eat too much sugar, and your body can t digest and absorb these sugars in time, which leads to the destruction of the immune system and the decline of the body s immunity. trouble.

Pinching the second joint of the left thumb can stimulate the body to secrete more insulin to digest sugars and reduce the incidence of diabetes. Of course, preventing diabetes cannot be achieved by just pinching your fingers. We must pay more attention to our daily diet. Do not eat too much sugar. The consequences are obesity and serious illness.

The third joint of the left little finger: Pressing the medial part of the third joint of the left little finger can effectively prevent kidney deficiency. There are many acupuncture points on the little finger. Frequent pressing here can play a role in nourishing the kidney and nourishing yang, and has a good health effect on the kidney.

Outside of the third joint of the little finger: Squeezing the outside of the little finger roots of both hands can effectively prevent eye diseases. The root of the outer side of the little finger has an acupuncture point for treating eye aging, which is the old eye point. Older people often press this acupoint to effectively alleviate drowsiness, young people often press this acupoint to effectively relieve eye fatigue, and children often press the acupoint can effectively prevent eye myopia.

For people with eye diseases, pressing the pinky finger often can alleviate the disease, which is beneficial and harmless. Therefore, you can often massage the little finger to protect our eyes.

The second joint of the right thumb: Frequently massage the second joint of the right thumb to prevent breast lumps. Here is mainly for female friends, the breast is one of the organs most vulnerable to cancer in women. Once a lump appears in the breast area, it will signal the quiet arrival of the disease, so prevention of breast lump is especially important.

Frequent pressing of the base of the right thumb can effectively prevent diseases related to the breast. A small gesture can reduce women s great pain.

The third knuckle of the ring finger: The third knuckle of the ring finger corresponds to the tracheal part of the body. Frequent pinch can effectively prevent bronchial disease. Since the 21st century, air pollution has become increasingly serious, and the incidence of bronchial diseases has also increased. Therefore, people have to attach great importance to the protection of bronchi. It is recommended that smoking is extremely harmful to the body, but many people still cannot resist the temptation of smoking. Then smokers should rub the ring of the ring finger more often in order to protect the health of the bronchus and lungs.

Outside of the index finger root: pinching the outside of the index finger root can effectively relieve the symptoms of insomnia. However, the compression mentioned here is not immediately effective before going to bed, but in daily life, regular compression can effectively relieve brain fatigue and stimulate it to secrete sleep hormones normally.

Stimulating acupuncture points: Laogong acupoint is in the horizontal stripes of the palm, and the middle fingertips point when flexing your fists, massaging it can clear the heart and stomach, and eliminate facial ulcers. Yuji acupoint is located at the midpoint of the first metacarpal bone of the palm and the bulge under the thumb. Shaofu has the effect of clearing heart, purging fire, activating blood, and moisturizing the skin at the point of the fingertips of the tail finger when the fingers are flexed.

Shenmen acupoint is located in the horizontal stripes of the wrist on the side of the little finger at the wrist and palm joints, and Hegu acupoint is located between the first and second metacarpals of the back of the hand. Massaging them can promote facial blood circulation , relieve fatigue, refresh the mind, and refreshing.

Antifreeze: People s blood circulation is poor when the temperature is low. Once the air temperature is below 10 ° C and there is no exercise or useful warming methods, it is easy to appear on fingers, palms, feet, auricles, cheeks, etc. frostbite. Often rubbing hands, on the one hand, you can increase the local temperature by using friction to generate heat; on the other hand, it can increase blood circulation and prevent frostbite and frostbite at all.

Puzzle: Rubbing hands not only makes the fingers more flexible, but because there are many muscles and joints in the hand, their movements are subject to the command and regulation of the forebrain, so rubbing hands can consolidate the reflection of the hands and brain. The brain becomes more and more used.

Prevent colds: Rubbing your hands often can promote blood circulation and metabolism, and prevent colds. The roots of the thumbs of both hands are medically called the big fish, which is a useful part for the treatment of respiratory diseases. The rich acupoints at this place can stimulate blood circulation, dredge the meridians, and consolidate the “triangulation” of the face and the pharynx, Nose, throat and upper respiratory tract immunity against tetanus virus entering the territory.

Prevent hand muscle atrophy: Especially for patients with stroke and hemiplegia, often manually or passively rubbing hands can increase local blood circulation, prevent hand muscle atrophy, promote early recovery of nerve veins, and improve hand function.

Delay aging: often rubbing the back of your heart and hands 50 times, can promote the excitement of the brain and the whole body, increase the flexibility, flexibility and cold resistance of the hands, and can also delay the aging of the hands.

Consolidate hands-on ability: hand rubbing motion is not only the movement of five fingers, but also the wrist, shoulder, and elbow joints. It is a complex and delicate movement. There are more than 50 muscles of multiple macro and small joints, and often rubbing hands is no doubt growing children s hand function.

Weight loss: Squeezing the two major depressed appetite parts before each meal will weaken the gastrointestinal function, and appetite will be suppressed naturally, so as to achieve the purpose of weight loss and weight control. The two major parts are: the thoraco-abdominal region at the center of the back of the hand with a diameter of about 3 cm. There is also a stomach, spleen, large intestine part on the side of the palm, directly below the index finger to the base of the thumb finger.

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