Simple massage, easy to go to the meat

Body fat is due to too much fat, consumption less than reserves, accumulated over time, so, to lose weight is to burn these fat. Through massage, as long as we find the right acupoints and grasp the right methods, we can promote weight loss! Here are a few simple movements to teach you how to lose weight by massage, so as to help you lose weight easily!

One finger below the outside of Zusanli knee. It is a long-life acupoint for strengthening the body, which can treat abdominal distension, abdominal pain, anorexia, diarrhea, constipation, limb weakness and other symptoms.

Lying or sitting on your back, press the tip of your thumb on Shangwan, Zhongwan, shuangtianshu (2 inches beside the navel, one point on the left and one on the right), Qihai and other collaterals. When you feel the pain, rub the tip of your thumb on each acupoint for 10 turns.

Efficacy: it can improve dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea, uterine ptosis, asthma, cold hands and feet, allergic rhinitis, etc.

The palm of the right hand starts to feel from the pit of the heart and mouth. It goes down to the abdomen under the left rib and up to the original place under the right rib. In this way, circle 36 times; then circle 36 times with the left hand from the pit of the heart and mouth in the same way to the opposite direction.

This is the easiest way. It can be done before going to bed or watching TV at night. Rubbing the abdomen can stimulate nerve endings, open the capillaries of skin and subcutaneous fat, speed up metabolism, promote the waste discharge of skin tissue, and certainly help reduce fat.

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