Starving can keep you healthy. Is this true or false?

According to Japanese research results, if a person feels hungry, as long as he does not eat for an hour, a substance called longevity gene will appear in the body. This substance has powerful repairing functions and has many benefits to the body. In the follow-up, the average hungry group s life expectancy and health index were much higher than those of a full meal.

In fact, not only Japan, but according to the research of many countries, an essential element of human longevity is proper hungry.

Many diseases are related to overeating. For example, a cold, sometimes, eat too much, accumulate food, and then get a bit cold, it is easy to cause a cold. After a cold, if you clear your stomach and your stomach, you will be moderately hungry. On the contrary, if you just want to supplement your nutrition and eat more food to increase your resistance, the result will worsen your cold.

For another example, most people have a weak spleen and stomach. Spleen deficiency and cold, are also caused by excessive diet. The spleen and stomach are in a state of overwork for a long time, without proper rest, the function naturally fades away. Over time, it becomes a state of spleen and stomach deficiency. Another example is diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, kidney disease, liver disease, paralysis, dementia and other diseases, which are closely related to uncontrolled diet. Modern medicine has proven that excessive tobacco and alcohol can cause damage to many organs throughout the body, causing more than 180 common incurable diseases. If you want to solve the problem fundamentally, you still have to keep your mouth open and hungry. There are many similar situations. A point often mentioned in the Taoist method of health is the breaking of the valley. Not eating grains is too illusory and infeasible for all beings. But it can be seen that, eat a little less, you can eat s even full. It is indeed one of the prerequisites for a healthy body.

Properly hungry, you can rest your organs. Illness comes from the mouth. In many cases, the illness does not occur because of insufficient food, but because of excessive eating. In many ancient medical books, overeating, big fish and big meats are called rotten intestines. As the name suggests, eating too much is harmful to your health, not less than the poison of arsenic. This is what people often say. Eating grains is full of sickness. Everyone wants to have a long and healthy life . They need to follow the ancient teachings to achieve food, drink, and festivals. The five flavors are light and can support the five internal organs, and happiness starts from the mouth.

Enriching the spirit and poorly supporting the body is the only way for modern people to maintain health. Read more nutritious books, such as the Yellow Emperor s Internal Classics, Taoism, Confucianism, and Yi Jing. These are good for our cultivation. Make the spiritual world richer; eat less fish, meat, tobacco, alcohol, and hungry stomachs to make some health regimens suitable for yourself, in order to maintain the body s meridian flow, vitality and vitality, and strong tissue and organ functions. Have a healthy good body. Thus, the goal of longevity is achieved.

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