The effect and effect of weight loss in cupping

The negative pressure in the tank is caused by the exhaust, and the edge of the tank can be tightly attached to the skin surface, which pulls the nerves, muscles, blood vessels and subcutaneous glands. It can cause a series of nervous and endocrine system reactions, regulate vasomotor function and blood vessels. The permeability of the walls, which improves blood circulation throughout the body.

The strong suction and extraction force of cupping negative pressure can make sweat pores fully open, the functions of sweat glands and sebaceous glands are stimulated and strengthened, and the senescent cells on the surface of the skin fall off, so that toxins and wastes in the body can be expelled quickly.

When the human body is exposed to wind, cold, heat, humidity, dryness, fire (six evil qi) and other external invasions or injuries, it can disrupt the normal physiological functions of the viscera and cause blood stasis, qi stagnation, sputum, hangovers, water Turbidity and evil fire, these pathogenic factors walk through the body s meridians and flood the acupoints on the meridians, disrupting the operation of qi and blood, causing stagnation of qi and blood. Cupping can eliminate the six evil qi of the human body, ventilate blood, and relieve collaterals, and its warming effect can expand blood vessels, increase blood flow, and enhance the permeability of blood vessel walls.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that fire cans can clear the meridians, adjust blood and balance yin and yang. The meridians have the physiological functions of “exercising qi and blood, camping yin and yang, Confucian muscles and bones, and sharp joints”. If the meridians are not smooth, the menstruation is not smooth, and the menstrual blood stagnates. Weakness and disease, bloated body, plaques on the face, acne, wrinkles, dryness And other symptoms and skin problems. Through the suction and extraction of skin, pores , meridians, and acupoints by the fire pot, it can guide the Qi of the camp to begin to spread blood, stimulate the meridian qi and blood, cultivate the organs and organs of the viscera, warm the fur, and at the same time, invigorate the function of the debilitating organs. Unblock the meridians, adjust the body s yin and yang balance, and adjust the qi and blood, so as to achieve the purpose of fitness and body treatment.

The internal pressure of the cupping can suck and clear the meridians, balance qi and blood, adjust endocrine, accelerate blood and lymph fluid circulation, promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, thereby improving digestive function, accelerate body metabolism, increase heat production and fat consumption, It can reduce body surface fat and deep body fat, so as to achieve the purpose of safety, health care and fast weight loss.

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