The most easily misunderstood weight loss common sense

In fact, the body’s intake of fat is absolutely indispensable, because the right amount of fat is conducive to the intake of some nutrients, such as vitamin E, a, K, etc., and fat is also very helpful for the normal operation of the immune system and nervous system. In addition, fat can also make you feel fuller, so it is suggested that your daily intake of fat should account for 30% of the total calorie intake.

Not necessarily! It depends on how much you eat and how you cook. Many restaurant dishes are fried or fried. When you order, you should choose grilled chicken, sliced chicken and Shaoxing drunk chicken. These are very low calorie chicken dishes. Don’t forget, don’t drench the sauce. In addition, put them aside on a small plate.

These weight-loss drugs usually contain ephedrine. If taken alone, it will cause harm to the body. If taken together with caffeine, it will be fatal! Because when the two are mixed, the heart rate will accelerate, which is easy to cause heart disease. In fact, most of the weight-loss drugs are for people who get fat because of illness, or whose body mass index (BMI) is higher than 30. Because these overweight people may cause other diseases because of obesity, they must consult a doctor before taking these drugs.

Vegetables are really low in calories and fat, but the big problem is that they are not cooked with a lot of oil, so before eating the vegetables that you think are the healthiest, please make sure they are cooked with a very small amount of oil or baked. So don’t rise again. Just be a vegetarian for a few days. Do you really think that as long as you eat as little meat as possible, it means that you must be healthier or low in calories? Many vegetarians don’t eat fish, pork and beef, so they eat cheese made of whole milk instead, which contains high calories and saturated fatty acids. And vegetarian food will make you undernourished, such as protein, vitamin B12, D, calcium, iron, zinc, etc. If you really want to eat vegetarian, I suggest you buy a professional vegetarian nutrition book in the bookstore for reference, or consult a nutritionist directly!

Many ways to lose weight advocate refusing to eat carbohydrates or protein, thinking that you can lose weight quickly. In fact, carbohydrates are the main source of your energy! The proportion of carbohydrates should account for 50-60% of the food you eat in one day. In addition, you don’t have to separate protein and carbohydrate, your efforts are in vain! Because there is no research to prove that separating protein and carbohydrate in time will make the body consume more calories!

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