Those who do not have exercise habits can use the scattered time in their lives to loss weight

Don’t waste 3 minutes brushing your teeth. Try brushing your teeth while standing on tiptoe. This simple little action can keep the body in balance, and can also exercise to the calves well! Stand on tiptoe at the same time, plus the left and right feet hanging alone, the slimming effect is better!

When combing your hair, you should raise your arms. You may as well take the opportunity to do a simple stretching exercise! Pad the toes, bend the knees, and straighten. When bending the knee, the height of the hip should be down, and the knee should be out at the same time. There is a diamond shape between the feet. When bending the knee, keep the heel off the ground, and feel the muscles near the thigh and buttocks slightly hot. This is the right posture.

Make up when you move it. Simple small action, can prevent the buttock fat accumulation and sagging, shaping the perfect buttock! The center of gravity is a little forward, the single foot is extended and stretched back, and the knee supporting the foot is slightly bent. Repeat for 10 times.

Do some simple abdominal exercises when applying the mask. Lie on the yoga mat, raise your feet to 45 degrees, and place your hands on the back of your head. Then the upper body slightly rises, feeling the strength of waist and abdomen, repeat about 10 times. Long term adherence is good for firming abdominal muscles!

Worship meat is also quite annoying. Deal with the thick arm when watching TV! Raise your hands flat on both sides to make them straight. Remember to relax your shoulders, keep your chest up and elbows out of the way.

The process of finishing nail polish is also very boring. At this time, an exercise can not only train the abdominal muscles, but also speed up the nails. After the nail polish is applied, hold your hands over your head and shake it back and forth.

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