Tips for eliminating postpartum pregnancy marks

Is the end of a woman’s beauty to have a baby? Not necessarily! Throughout the entertainment circle, look at a large number of obvious hot moms. After giving birth to their baby, they are still slim and delicate, all worthy of the name of hot moms. If you want to be a hot mother, you must first conquer the postpartum pregnancy pattern.

Generally speaking, it’s best to start abdominal massage to prevent stretch marks after 3 months of pregnancy, but more new mothers suddenly appear stretch marks and don’t know what to do for a while, and then start to consider removing stretch marks after the baby is born. At this time, the stretch marks have changed from purplish red to silvery white, thin and weak in elasticity, and the epidermis, sweat glands, hair follicles, etc. have shrunk to varying degrees, so it is difficult to eliminate them.

There are several ways to remove the pattern of pregnancy: using professional products, fruit acid skin changing, photon rejuvenation, essential oil aromatherapy. Some people try to find that applying “Mask” to the abdomen can also help eliminate the pregnancy pattern.

Egg heat detoxification, can be evenly applied to the right amount of egg white, can add a little olive oil, gently massage in a circle, 10 minutes later, wash off, has the effect of desalination and convergence of pregnancy wrinkles. Or apply the egg white on the abdomen and wrap it with pure cotton cloth for 12 hours, which will also help to fade the stretch marks.

New mothers need more exercise and more exercise to reduce excess fat to create a beautiful body shape, of course, to restore the smooth and tight skin in the past, we still need to choose the most suitable method for ourselves.

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