What does the color after cupping represent? Judging your health by color

Cupping is a method of health, which has the effects of regulating qi and blood, unblocking meridians, and can also improve the body s immunity. Now it has been favored by many people, but after cupping, different colors and odors will appear on the skin. Judging your health by cupping.

If small white water droplets appear on the skin after cupping, this means that the body s moisture is heavier, and some people have more moisture in the body, and the pores cannot be completely discharged from the body. There will be small blisters on the skin when cupping. Weighing the humidity in the body by cupping alone can not completely exhaust the moisture. The best way is to receive the sun s rays, because the sunlight in the human body is yang, and only a large amount of supplemental yang can eliminate the cold. At the same time, women You can also take moxibustion, moxibustion at Guanyuan and Uterine.

If yellow stains appear during cupping, this indicates that there are other diseases in the body. The yellow substance has a foul smell, which indicates that it is a skin disease such as acne. You can use the lotus needle cupping method on the skin. After the surface is broken with a lotus needle, cupping is performed, so that the blood in the body can be discharged together.

If the skin appears dark red after cupping and no secretion is reddish, it is usually a cold. Toxin can be discharged after cupping, and the cold can also be relieved by massaging acupoints.

Partial After cupping, the skin s darker color is a blockage of blood. Usually, the body is too tired or strained. In addition to cupping, the better method is to massage by hand and cooperate with heat therapy to promote blood circulation.

Pay attention during the cupping, we must pay attention to the disinfection of the can. If we wipe the mouth and the can with 75% alcohol, we can achieve the effect of disinfection. When cupping, be sure to choose flexible and plump parts. For skin allergies, too thin body, excessive hair, pregnant women should be banned. Try to choose a lying position, as long as you cannot move your body after cupping, otherwise it will cause the jar to fall off. When using multiple cans, the arrangement distance of the cans should not be too close, or it will cause pain due to excessive skin tension.

It is not possible to take a bath within three hours after cupping, because the pores of the body are open after cupping. At this time, taking a bath may cause cold to invade the body and cause other disease outbreaks. Be careful when you are cupping Pay attention to the warmth and fresh air in the cupping space. Do not blow fans and air conditioners during cupping.

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