What to do with scar softening needle

In everyday life, when you may accidentally pull a mouth on your body, when healing is not good, it will leave an uneven and wrinkled scar. Once the wound is scarred, it is difficult to remove it. If this is the case, Scar on the face, that is really unthinkable …

Scar softening needle is not a specific injection, but a local hormone injection. There are also many types of hormones that can remove scars. Domestically produced ones such as prednisolone, Quyanshusong A, etc., imported long-acting hormones, such as Debaosong from Belgium, USP and Corning Kerton from Italy, as well as triamcinolone, which are widely used, are imported from China. They are steroid hormones that can inhibit the proliferation and fibroblasts in keloids. Collagen synthesis increases the production of collagenase and reduces the production of collagenase inhibitors, thereby causing changes in the ultrastructure of collagen.

The collagen fibers are arranged in order, which can also degrade the collagen nodules, promote the maturation of the scar and fall off. After injection, the hypertrophic scar will gradually soften, flatten, and eventually soften and recover.

If someone tells you that you can use advanced scar softening needles to remove scars, but you can t tell which hormone is used, most of them are flickering you, don t believe it!

To put it simply, because the epidermis of the area was not regenerated in time after the dermis layer of the skin was injured, and the wound could not be left open, the dermis layer would hyperproliferate fibroblasts and collagen, and it would be scattered on the surface of the wound, and the scar would be produced. Scar softening needles can directly act on fibrous cells, soften them and arrange them in order, and the scars will naturally become inconspicuous or even disappear completely.

(1) Dilute one of the above-mentioned hormone drugs according to the ratio, shake it, and inject it into the scar with a syringe. The needle punctures the center of the scar and inserts the needle horizontally. After the needle is punctured, the needle is pushed back and the needle is withdrawn. The injection amount is based on the whiteness of the scar during injection.

Scar softening needles are only effective for prominent scars and keloids during the period of scar hyperplasia, but for scars that have matured or sunken, it has no effect. To repair mature scars, it is mainly necessary to use surgery or Laser grinding and other methods .

After the wound is healed, the surface scar will continuously increase after the wound heals, which not only affects the appearance, but also local pain, and even affects the movement. After any part of the body is injured, the scar will grow infinitely. If you happen to have this kind of constitution, don t try scar softening needles, because the injection will cause wounds on the original scars again, which will cause the scars to regenerate. The effect can be imagined.

Finally, I would like to remind everyone that if you want to remove nasty scars by injection, you must go to a regular medical beauty institution to receive injection treatment to ensure safety and effectiveness to the limit!

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