1. Many people think that keeping in good health is a matter for the elderly. In fact, health care should be started from the baby, just as the machine should be maintained from the beginning. Once the parts are damaged, the health is too late, and the effect will beRead More →

Ejiao is a blood sacred product. Many people will not finish eating Ejiao in the winter. As the price of Ejiao keeps rising, they will buy more at home, so many people have doubts. How long is the shelf life of Ejiao? Can Ejiao be eaten? Ejiao is not onlyRead More →

White-collar workers are busy at work every day, and after work, they are also busy with entertainment. They have no time to lose weight at all, causing their bodies to gradually thicken. Seeing that their bodies are getting fatter every day, white -collar workers are a little scared. How canRead More →

Recently, it was reported that 81-year-old Li Guochuan from Fuzhou could do more than a hundred push-ups in 5 minutes. Sports such as skipping rope, shuttlecock, badminton, and basketball are all grandma Li, and they are all self -taught. In addition, Grandma Li also created a sport, which she calledRead More →