Pay attention to your physical condition. Have heart disease, severe anemia, leukemia, thrombocytopenia and other blood diseases, skin allergies, edema, edema, high blood pressure, blood disorders and bleeding tendency, skin diseases and pregnant women, menstrual periods, as well as oversatisfaction, excessive Cupping is not suitable when thirsty, hungry or drunk.Read More →

When it comes to plastic surgery, we should often hear the incredible tragedy of plastic surgery, which makes people afraid. But apart from fear, have you ever wondered why these tragedies happened? Many times, it s not all the doctor s fault . Many accidents happen, and it is hardRead More →

E-light is highly directional, and it also has a high density and consistency. The e-light skin rejuvenation is very accurate in removing the dark circles, and it does not cause damage to surrounding tissues and skin appendages. Of. In addition, the non-interventional treatment method of e-light radiance rejuvenating dark circlesRead More →

In addition to washing your face and table, towels can also be used for weight loss exercises! Whether you are at work or at home, lift up your towel and stick to the following set of towels to lose weight, burn fat, and enjoy thinness anytime, anywhere! 上 It isRead More →

(Reporter Li Xubing) On April 10, Henan Cancer Center, Henan Cancer Hospital, and Provincial Cancer Prevention and Treatment Office jointly released the Henan Cancer Registration Annual Report 2015 (hereinafter referred to as Annual Report), which systematically reported me Relevant data on tumor incidence and death among provincial residents. Statistics showRead More →