What to eat to live longer? Many people are concerned about such topics. Scientific facts prove that eating healthy, scientific, and reasonable is one of the important conditions for increasing longevity. Of course, healthy eating habits can not only promote longevity, but also promote weight loss, relieve constipation, and improveRead More →

Nowadays, obesity has become a headache for many beauties. Many people see business opportunities, and a variety of weight-loss products are emerging. A weight-loss lipstick has recently appeared in the United Kingdom. Advertisements claim that users can control their appetite and burn fat by simply applying lipstick. Such an attractiveRead More →

When people reach middle age, the body gradually gains weight because of reduced physical activity and lower basal metabolic rate. After obesity without losing weight in time, it continues to be obese in the elderly. Elderly obesity is often accompanied by hypertension, coronary heart disease , hyperlipidemia, fatty liver, osteoarthropathy,Read More →