Step into middle-aged weight loss has a trick

In middle age, he has been engaged in office work, mostly working in ambush all day, with little exercise time, unconsciously suffering from cervical spondylosis and periarthritis of shoulder, working for a little longer time, will have discomfort and pain in the waist and chest, and the effect of medication is not obvious, suffering from pain, not to mention depression.

By chance, I heard a friend introduce a kind of aerobics, which is very easy to say: “you take one, I take one, until seventy-seven; take a deep breath, squat up, go to the theatre at ten ten.”. There is no strict regulation on the operation time. Each time is 10-15 minutes at 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. The specific method is to use the right hand to pat the left shoulder, the left hand to pat the right shoulder, and the palm can extend as far back as possible, even 77 times, the whole body has a better effect. Next, stand still, look at the front, stretch out your arms, take a deep breath, repeat for 1-2 minutes, and squat and stand at the same time. The speed is from slow to fast, and the number of times is from less to more. The speed and times can be gradual according to the physical condition, so as to improve microcirculation and organ function. “10:10” refers to the movement of two hands extending horizontally from both sides of the body (such as 9:15 of the clock) to lifting up 15 degrees (such as 10:10 of the clock). This movement is performed 50-100 times each time to improve shoulder movement, muscle movement and blood circulation at the joints. “Going to the theatre” refers to standing on tiptoe and stretching the neck forward, which can better prevent and treat cervical spondylosis.

Every day, I keep practicing this clapping exercise. For more than half a year, I gradually feel that my chest and waist are not painful. Cervical spondylosis and periarthritis of shoulder have also improved significantly. I have a strong walk, a better appetite and a better sleep quality. Good health, mood is a lot of pleasure.

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