Three kinds of diseases that are guarded against in summer time

As the beginning of summer,the temperature rises, along with will also face some diseases, Lixia season beware of diseases: headache, skin diseases and gastrointestinal diseases.

1. The high temperature, sultry, thunderstorm, gale and sudden change of weather in summer often cause or aggravate headache. In addition, lack of sleep, emotional excitement, mental fatigue can induce headache. In order to cope with summer headache, we should not rely on drugs excessively. We can carry out conservative treatment by adjusting diet, replenishing water, relieving heat and cooling, controlling cold food, adjusting mood and paying attention to rest.

2. Summer is also a season of skin diseases. Prickly heat, allergic dermatitis, sweat spots, eczema and other irritating skin diseases threaten the health of many people. In response to skin diseases, the public should often bathe, change clothes, wash and disinfect quilts and towels. Try to get as few as possible to places with more mosquitoes, and apply some antipruritic liquid when the skin is itching.

3. Summer is also a high incidence period of gastrointestinal diseases such as bacillary dysentery, acute gastroenteritis, food poisoning, etc. the main reason is the improper way of relieving heat. To prevent gastrointestinal diseases, we should pay attention to food hygiene and wash hands before and after meals. Drink more boiled water and eat less cold water.

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